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05 June 2014

Visualize and debug SNMP logs.


Netplayback helps you visualize and debug SNMP logs. You have a big network and/or perform SNMP commands for a number of OIDs and want to figure out which commands, devices and OIDs fail, what OIDs are inactive, which commands take longer to respond etc. Watching it in real time is unproductive as the events happen too fast. You can collect data into a log, but if it's too big, looking through it is hard if you're not searching for one particular error. In addition, if you generate more logs, you have to keep looking through them. With the Netplayback application, you can load your SNMP log, to see errors and other features, either at once or as a movie, with various options. Filtering data is available upon purchasing a license key.

See here for an installation guide:

Netplayback is $49.99 for the first user and $0.99 for each additional user after the first.

What's new in Netplayback

Version 1.1:
  • Updated Connect and other NPM packages
  • Modified reading and writing into files due to the deprEcation of BufferedReader and BufferedWriter
  • Fixed a bug: column reordering didn't work
  • Adding a translated column on the Configuration page is now a drop-down list
  • Changed the numbering of columns in the configuration to start from 1
  • Fixed OID manual filter not to reset when stopping playing the data
  • Fixed saving to default configuration file (wrong file name)

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