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18 May 2014

Convert folders into VPK files and vice-versa.


vpk is a simple app of bash scripts that will convert Folders into vpk and visa versa. VPK is the archive format used in most Valve games.

Simply drop items onto the App Icon (Dock Icon, App Window, or Open menu). vpk will then process the items.

Can handle multiple items at once.
Supports notification center on OS X 10.8 or later.

What's new in vpk

Version 5.0:

What's new:

  • CocoaDialog 3.0-beta7
  • New about page
  • Ability to adjust basic settings in about page
  • Command+i > Shows about page
  • Notifications for systems lower than OS X 10.8
  • Auto update checks run a max of once per day rather than each time the app is run
  • Auto installer (skips asking about install)
  • Changelog shown after updates
  • Amazingly sexy update download progress bar
  • General bug fixes and code improvement
  • Bugs with dialog if vpk was in a path that included spaces
  • Settings are saved between updates

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