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20 April 2017

Superglue for your movies (was Splice).


MovieMerge+ (was Splice) is the perfect solution for merging a collection of movie files into a single movie. Import and organize your clips, then with a few clicks or a little drag-and-drop action, you can create a single movie complete with all of your clips.

  • New User Interface - The Splice user interface has been modified to include a preview for displaying each clip. When you set the in or out points, the preview lets you see the frames within your clips that are being used.
  • Clip Segments - Splice now has a time range slider that controls how much of the clip will be included in the final output movie. You have the option of using just part of a movie or choosing to use the whole thing.
  • Background Exports - Splice handles the creation of new output file using a background task. This allows you to continue working on other activities within Splice without waiting for the new file process to finish.
  • Sharing - Once you have created a new movie, Splice allows you to share the completed exports via e-mail or using popular internet services (such as Vimeo).
  • Simple Organization - Organizing how clips appear in the final movies is simple: select the clip you want and drag it to the location where you'd like it to play. Done!
  • Image Sizing - If the movies in your collection are different sizes, Splice centers each movie on the playback canvas.

What's new in MovieMerge+

Version 3.0.2:
  • New Vibrant Dark User Interface
  • Enhanced connectivity to social media
  • Works with movie that do NOT contain a video track
  • Allows sharing (with local applications and internet tools like Facebook) directly from the main document window
  • In-application previewing
  • New support for additional Tray swipe gestures

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04 February 2016
Version: 2.5.1

Most helpful

MPEG Streamclip does this and so much more and its free. And it works from OSX 10.2 to 10.11
04 February 2016
Version: 2.5.1
MPEG Streamclip does this and so much more and its free. And it works from OSX 10.2 to 10.11