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Topaz DeNoise6.0.2

07 November 2016

Excels at removing noise while preserving image detail.


Topaz DeNoise gives you great noise reduction without having to upgrade your lens.

Why do we pay more for one lens vs. another? One big reason is that the higher-quality lens lets in more light. When available light is an issue, using a better lens often lets us take photos that we otherwise wouldn't be able to get. It's the same way with noise reduction. You'd normally get ugly image noise by using a fast shutter speed in low light, but Topaz DeNoise can make you feel like there was never any noise at all. It's almost like having a photographic superpower. Like a $1,600 lens, DeNoise doesn't just make your photos look better... it allows you to get shots you otherwise would miss.

Technology with a single goal: less noise and more detail
Most noise reduction tools try to do dozens of different things. Not Topaz DeNoise. It focuses on doing just one thing well: removing noise while keeping detail. If you've used other noise reduction before, you'll be stunned by the image quality you get with DeNoise. It'll remind you of the difference between a DSLR and a phone camera.

What's new in Topaz DeNoise

Version 6.0.2:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later

Note: Although Finder indicates that this has no version number, the developer refers to it as version 6.0.2.

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