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02 May 2014

Set custom Time Machine intervals.


iScheduleTimeMachine is the perfect Tool to customize when you want Time Machine to backup your data.
Be it based on dynamic times (every 5 minutes to every week), idle based (when you haven't worked on the computer for 1 minute to 60 minutes), or based on fixed times (for example every day at 5:00 pm).

  • backup time interval customizable from 15 minutes to 1 week
  • optionally activate backups only when computer is idle for specified time period
  • create backup when time interval is reached and/or the computer is idle for specified time
  • optionally create backup at fixed times (for example every day at 05:00 pm just when you finish your daily work).
  • start app automatically at login
  • complete replacement for Time Machine Toolbar Item. You don't need to have both items in the toolbar because iScheduleTimeMachine does all Time Machine Toolbar does and more!
  • displays backup status: running, mounting volume, finishing, idle, etc...
  • displays backup progress in percent, number of files copied and data copied (Megabytes)
  • can open Time Machine's restore view right from the Toolbar Menu
  • shows date/time when last backup was initiated
  • shows date/time when next backup will be initiated
  • keeps track of backup statistic
  • can show files and data (Megabytes) copied at last backup and in total
  • shows backup destination info like Volume Name, Type (Network or Local), Path and ID
  • optimized for minimal memory/cpu footprint
VERY IMPORTANT: In order for iScheduleTimeMachine to work as intended it is necessary that Time Machine is disabled in the System Settings. Otherwise the System will ALSO create backups every hour.

What's new in iScheduleTimeMachine

Version 1.5:

Note: The demo version available for download is 1.3a; the Mac App Store version is 1.5.
  • Sale for a short time only! 66% discount to $0.99.
  • New app icon

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4 Reviews of iScheduleTimeMachine

13 February 2014
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Expensive considering there are two competitors available both of which are free. And, no trial version to test.
23 July 2020
Version: 1.5
I don't know what Apple was thinking with no ability to schedule Time Machine backups! Thanks very much for this super handy add-on. I love it! (Mackbook Air/Catalina)
27 May 2017
Version: 1.5
I had a problem with TimeMachine, which intermittently stopped working, with no alert, leaving me with no recent backup when I needed it. Trashing prefs didn't help and even discovering where Time Machine logs are kept in Sierra is now complex. Time Machine Editor, which I've used in the past, didn't overcome the problem.

I downloaded the free demo of iScheduleTimeMachine from the dev's web site. Works fine on Sierra, so far completely reliably. Bought it once the trial period expired (though the demo was still working) and I'm happy.

The ability to schedule backups at a set time of day etc is also a useful plus..
15 January 2015
Version: 1.5
Does not work properly for me under Yosemite. My menu bar now has a fleeting star which causes the other items to shift to make room for it. Since it goes and comes my menu bar items are constantly shifting. I have informed the developer of the problem but have received no response. The problem goes away when I quit the app. Worked perfectly under Mavericks. Too bad the developer does not see fit to address my problem or even communicate with me.
13 February 2014
Version: 1.0
Expensive considering there are two competitors available both of which are free. And, no trial version to test.
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