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Dogecoin Core
Dogecoin Core
Dogecoin Core free download for Mac

Dogecoin Core

Version 1.14.5

The Dogecoin Wallet.

Dogecoin Core overview

Dogecoin Core is a "full" wallet. It syncs by downloading it, providing a solid-working Dogecoin wallet.

What’s new in version 1.14.5

Updated on Nov 09 2021

Version 1.14.5:
Important Security Updates:
  • This release contains fixes for 2 high severity vulnerabilities that affect most Dogecoin Core users.
Remote Code Execution in Dogecoin QT (CVE-2021-3401):
  • This release addresses CVE-2021-3401 that opened potential remote code execution on QT (graphical user interface) wallets through malicious use of dogecoin: URIs.
  • Dogecoin QT users are urged to please update their installations to this version immediately, to prevent malicious actors from exploiting this vulnerability.
Sensitive Information Exposure on Unix platforms (CVE-2019-15947):
  • A fix for CVE-2019-15947 was back-ported from Bitcoin Core to prevent potential leakage of sensitive information when Dogecoin Core crashes on Unix platforms. The vulnerability is patched for systems that run a Linux kernel equal to or higher than 3.4.
  • Dogecoin Core wallet users on Linux platforms are urged to please update to this version.
Fee Reductions:
  • This release finalizes a new minimum fee recommendation for all participants on the Dogecoin network, following the reduction of relay and mining defaults in 1.14.4. The recommendation has been documented and can be found here. With this release, the minimum fees when creating transactions are recommended to be as follows:
  • the recommended minimum transaction fee is 0.01 DOGE/kb, and
  • the recommended dust limit is 1 DOGE, and
  • the recommended RBF increment is 0.001 DOGE.
Wallet/UI Changes:
  • The user interface for selecting fees when transacting DOGE has been updated to give an idea of how much is being spent, rather than a block target. As Dogecoin blocks are not full, typically all transactions are mined in the next block, and therefore the target estimation does not makes sense for Dogecoin.
  • Transaction sizes are no longer rounded up to the nearest kilobyte before calculating fees, which significantly simplifies fee calculation logic and makes it more similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • The default minimum transaction fee is now 0.01 DOGE per kilobyte. Note that you may see transactions take longer to be confirmed while using these lower fees, until all miners have updated. The new fee slider can help with getting fast-confirming transactions by sliding it all the way to the maximum, or for both CLI and GUI wallet users, this can be made the default by setting -paytxfee=5.21.
  • Introduce -discardthreshold, a wallet-specific, configurable dust limit that enables gradual implementation of the dust limit on the network side. Each transaction created with the wallet will adhere to this threshold rather than the dust limits used for relay, preventing stuck transactions. The wallet will discard any change to fee and reject output amounts that are lower than this limit. Until this release sees significant network adoption, the default dust limit is recommended to stay at 1 DOGE, as versions 1.14.2 until 1.14.4 have a bug that rejects any transaction with an output under 1 DOGE.
  • Derive minimum change from configurable wallet parameters -discardthreshold and -mintxfee: minimum change = discard threshold + 2 * minimum fee.
Relay changes:
  • Split the dust limit into a hard and soft threshold, to reintroduce the economic disincentive for dust, rather than rejection introduced since 1.14.2
  • -harddustlimit is by default set at 0.001 DOGE and sets the value under which transactions will be rejected by nodes.
  • The dust limit parameter introduced with 1.14.4 (-dustlimit) is now the soft dust limit, enforcing the economic disincentive. Each output under this threshold will be accepted as long as the entire limit is added to fee.
  • Change the default incremental fee used for RBF and mempool limiting to 0.0001 DOGE.
BDB Updated to 5.3:
  • The Berkley DB version used by Dogecoin Core has been updated to 5.3 (from 5.1) as 5.3 is now standard on many Linux distributions. 5.1 and 5.3 wallet files have been tested to be interchangeable.
Version display:
  • The version displayed on QT's overview page has been changed to display the full version rather than just the major version part, because this was confusing wallet users.
Key Derivation:
  • The BIP32 hierarchical deterministic key derivation path contained the wrong chain ID. Previously the chain ID 0 was used, it's now correctly set to 3 as per SLIP44.
  • The wallet.dat files stay fully interoperable between versions. Wallets created with 1.14.5 will benefit from greater interoperability with hardware wallets in the future.
Namecoin-compatibile AuxPoW mining:
  • The createauxblock and submitauxblock commands have been reintroduced, mimicking the same commands from Namecoin 0.17, allowing miners to separate wallets from block producing nodes by specifying the address for their coinbase transactions.
Two additional features on top of the Namecoin 0.17 API have been added:
  • The block caching mechanism has been enhanced to enable mining pools to use multiple wallet addresses if desired.
  • By default the AuxPoW API methods provide the difficulty target in a field named target, however this can now be configured to be fully compatible with the Namecoin API (_target) by setting the -rpcnamecoinapi argument.
RPC API Changes:
  • Added softdustlimit and harddustlimit fields to getnetworkinfo to enable operators and third party scripts to query this information without having to search configuration files or hardcode defaults.
  • Added createauxblock and submitauxblock methods
  • Added -rpcnamecoinapi that allows miners to use Namecoin-compatible AuxPoW APIs, for both getauxblock and createauxblock methods.
Build System and CI Changes:
  • The build system for dependencies, continuous integration and binary releases has been upgraded from Ubuntu Trusty to Ubuntu Bionic, because the former was fully end-of-life. Ubuntu Bionic extends the useful life of the 1.14 build system to April 2023, by which time we expect to have switched to 1.21 as the main version. With this change, the default gcc used for testing and releases has been updated from version 4.8 to 7.
  • The CI environment has been extended to build and test aarch64 binaries, and to perform additional checks that allow us to catch more potential issues early and automatically.
  • Additionally, an experimental CI build environment has been introduced to enable ongoing testing and maintenance of incubating features that are not yet ready for release. Currently this contains the AVX2 features that aim to increase the performance of cryptographic routines within Dogecoin Core.
Minor Changes:
  • Fix compilation on FreeBSD, which was failing to compile the Scrypt code.
  • Update the FreeBSD build docs, see doc/build-freebsd.md.
  • Update default dependencies to OpenSSL 1.0.2u.
  • Refresh translation files to simplify volunteer contributions to translations.
  • Add xkbcommon 0.8.4 as a separate dependency to fix keyboard compatibility issues and resolve issues with inadvertently used build system libraries.
  • Harden and expand the recommended systemd unit files in contrib/init.
  • Make the Freetype dependency compile independent from build system libraries.
  • Update the Univalue library to use the latest version maintained by the Bitcoin Core developers.
  • Fix the pruning test suite.
  • Correct the block download timeout for the regtest chain.
  • Shut down when trying to use a corrupted block from disk.
  • Add experimental AVX2 support, to improve the performance of SHA operations.
  • Add a getting started guide





13.5 MB

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App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.8.0 or later
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