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21 June 2001

Saves current desktop arrangements.


DesktopDemon will save your favorite desktop theme, desktop icon positions, open folder windows (popup or shuttered), Application Switcher size and position and refresh the control strip. And more importantly, your monitor resolution and colour depth. Make copies for separate projects or different users. DesktopDemon can be used from the desktop or the Apple Menu, OSA Menu, Finder-pop, etc.

What's new in DesktopDemon

Version 3.1 adds the following:
  • Now supports dual monitors - second monitor or PowerBook/ iBook external monitor.
  • Noticeable speed increase when saving - especially if you have many desktop icons and popup windows.
  • Popup windows work better...come back in the correct order every time.*
  • Now you can change the name of icons on the desktop and not have to resave.

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