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23 November 2020

FFT-based audio analyzer.


iAnalyzer is an FFT-based professional application to analyze audio signals.

  • High performance software design for Real Time Analyzing(RTA) and complex graph displaying.
  • Works on 44K sample rate, 20~20k Hz frequency output.
  • FFT spectrum, Octave and 1/3 Octave result display.
  • Colored curve depend on the dB value.
  • Flex FFT size, 4K, 8K, or 16K.
  • Reference Pressure configurable.
  • 2D or 3D or Mix 2D and 3D display.
  • History result display while in 3D mode.
  • High precision peak frequency computation(average-error < 0.1%).
  • Auto peak frequency tracing, up to 3 peaks can be displayed simultaneously and each one be linked from text to the graph clearly.
  • Frequency to music scale converter, you can use iAnalyzer as a professional instrument tuner, or to test if any sound is tuneful.
  • Drag in the result area to use the measure line, bordered label means where is a peak.
  • Current waveform display and summary waveform display.
  • Record at any position and red color to mark the latest recording, unlimited recording time.
  • Play back the recording.
  • Oscope Auto-Scale: Enable you to view more details for low level signal.
  • Peak Absorption: Find peak more easily while using measure line.
  • Drag in the waveform area or Click on scroll bar to change the current position, iAnalyzer re-compute and update graph automatically. You can also change the position while playing.

What's new in iAnalyzer

Version 3.5:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later

  • Update for macOS Big Sur.

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