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MegaPEG Pro HD


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MegaPEG Pro HD

11 November 2006

MPEG encoder with Hollywood-level feature set.


MegaPEG Pro HD is a fast, high-quality, low-bitrate MPEG-1/2 encoder with a Hollywood-level feature set. Create final video output for HDTV, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, DVD authoring, computer playback, cross-platform HD MPEG-1 streaming video, WhiteBook VideoCD, Super-VideoCD, Internet, CDROM business cards and more.

Also available as a QuickTime Export plug-in: compress MPEG movies directly from QuickTime(tm) enabled applications like Final Cut and iMovie.

What's new in MegaPEG Pro HD

Version 3.3.2:
  • Improved compatibility with Apple 10-bit 4:2:2 YUV and 2yuv codecs.
Version 3.3:
  • Introduced native YUV (2.2 gamma) aka YCrCb processing pipeline.
  • Introduced R'G'B' color space (2.2 gama) for RGB source material.
  • Bug fix for 15/3 GOP patterns (extraneous P frames at end of GOP).
  • Bug fix for rate control (excessive compression on B-frames following I-picture)
  • Introduced "Careful Chroma" option for extra sensitive chroma processing for photo pans etc.

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