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OddCal for Mac2.1.2

27 February 2014

Easily enter non-repeating multiple events in Calendar.

What is OddCal for Mac

OddCal gives you an easy and intuitive way to enter multiple events into your Calendar that don't have a repeatable pattern. No more frustrating cutting and pasting just to get those four dinner parties or eight free days to the national parks into your schedule! OddCal allows you to simply enter an event name, a location if you want, and you can start adding dates.

Need to put these Events into a new calendar? No sweat, OddCal can do that too. There is no need to even have Calendar open while using this app, unless you want to see the lightning fast addition of your events. OddCal accesses the Calendar Store server on your Mac to both read and create new calendars, and to generate your new events.You will wonder how you ever survived without it!

What's new in OddCal

Version 2.1.2:
  • Power Entry enables you to add Dates to the Date List simply by clicking the date in the mini-calendar. Toggle it on and off any time via the menu or a keyboard shortcut.

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