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28 August 2017

Wallpaper database.


uDesktop NEXT is one of the biggest wallpaper collections. Choose from many thousands of hi-res wallpapers. Relax and get a fresh mood every day with beautiful pictures from uDesktop NEXT. Experience its full power and beauty. Here you can find the many wallpapers which you’ve been looking for so long and use them to decorate your desktop! Turn your wallpaper search into an entertaining walk through stunning pictures.

  • Unlimited downloads of high definition pictures
  • Categorized Wallpapers. The wallpapers are presented in 36 different categories each containing dramatic, artistic images for any taste. All categories are constantly being updated
  • Wallpapers for everything from iPhone and iPad to the the brand-new iMac with Retina 5K display including latest iPhone 6S and iPad Pro
  • Resolution Lock allows you to search wallpapers only for your resolution
  • Surfboard - incredible panoramic Hi-Res desktop pictures
  • Featured Section with Editors' Choice and TOP 100
  • Special categories in Featured Section
  • Incredible 4K, 5K and 8K wallpapers
  • Sort the wallpapers by New, Recent, Popular or choose Random
  • Search wallpapers by tags
  • My Folder - add your own images in the catalog for displaying on the desktop
Additional features
  • Adding more than a thousand new images weekly
  • Share wallpapers with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Message, Email, AirDrop, Flickr
  • Settings for set image as desktop picture
  • Multi display support
  • Absolutely new user friendly interface
  • OS X 10.11 compatible
  • 24/7 support by Email

What's new in uDesktop NEXT

Version 3.2.2:
  • Fix minor bugs

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4 Reviews of uDesktop NEXT

11 December 2016
Version: 3.2

Most helpful

Love it. Used it for a long time.
11 December 2016
Version: 3.2
Love it. Used it for a long time.
30 May 2015
Version: 2.4.6
Well we will see how they deal with my situation as to the last review being bull. I also bought the Udesktop HD and tried to reinstall today and ran into the same issue as the guy before me. The app store says software no longer available and when i went to the developers web site via the link here at MacUpdate I could not find a copy to download. I left an email for support and will post my results. Suggestion to all....I know its a pain in the A** to have to make backups of all the software you purchase through the app store (or developer) and this includes the apps for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch ect keep in mind that if the developer does something like this your S**t out of luck cause apple does not keep a physical copies of the apps like itunes does on your hard drive its just a link to the developers site.
28 February 2014
Version: 2.4.1
Stay away from the thieves who came up with this junk. Yes, the images are nice, but you can find their equivalents all over the net. The interface is somewhat cumbersome and often very slow to load even with a top-speed connection. But the worst thing this outfit does is to continuously "update," rename and charge as for a new app what only only amounts to a few minor tweaks. Idiot that I am, I wanted to support this company and paid for two versions (getting one here and an "update" from the App store), but later when I lost the app in a serious crash and simultaneous death of a backup drive, I returned to the App store to reinstall it but it was no longer available because it had again been renamed and repriced. I gave the developers a record of my purchases and asked what their upgrade policy was they answered with a terse (even giving them some slack for being non-native-English speakers in Kiev, Ukraine), "No. You have to make a new purchase." Period. End of message. I suspected a schism between two developers who went separate ways with similarily-named products, but if that's the case it's offensive that they dragged their customers into their little snit. I don't envy anyone who lives in that part of the world during this violent, murderous upheaval, but this app makes suckers of all who buy it.
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01 August 2013
Version: 2.0
This is amazing app. Many beautiful wallpaper. Absolutely beautiful images. Buy them - you won't be disappointed!
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