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06 June 2013

Cross-platform first-person-shooter game (beta).


Please note: Xonotic is currently in beta at version 0.7, but the app's version number reports as 1.0 in the Finder.

Xonotic is a free and fast-paced first-person shooter for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It combines addictive, arena-style gameplay with rapid movement and a wide array of weapons. It is available under the permissive GPLv2 license.

Xonotic is a direct successor of the Nexuiz project. It represents years of development from its humble beginnings as a Quake-1-engine modification, and now aims to be the best possible Open Source first-person shooter available. It could be considered most similar to Unreal Tournament and Quake at its heart, especially regarding teamplay and game mechanics.

What's new in Xonotic

Version 1.0 (0.7):
  • csqc simple items
  • new cvar: cl_simple_items neeeds models/foo/bar.ext to have a models/foo/bar_simple.ext to work
  • New passing/dropping system, flags are now "thrown" instead of dropped. "dropped flag" waypoint is colored slightly like the flag color
  • mute and unmute commands
  • allow team mates to request the flag carrier to pass the flag to them, new antispam for passing. Bots automatically pass you the flag if you send them a request ("use" bind in menu). Passing is not allowed if the player is inside a vehicle. Flag throwing punishment if you spam it too much
  • Allowed forcing friend and enemy colors in teamplay. It's done by the normal cvars. In teamplay, forcemyplayercolors defines friend color, and forceplayercolors forces enemy to own color from settings. This best matches DM. Enemy color cannot be forced if there are more than 2 teams, obviously. Friend color still can, as long as the color does not match one of the enemy colors.
  • New vehicle: Bumblebee. It is a multy seated vehicle, with two gunner positions and a healing ray for the main pilot
  • Spider vehilce uses ballistic weapons
  • Spiderbot now has 3 diffrent diffrent firemodes
  • Raptor has flares, missile proxy alarm
  • Superspectator mode: provide special commands and options for spectating, such as follow killer or follow powerup, etc
  • g_vehicle_name 1/0 does dis/en-able specific vehicles
  • Reworked player color selector in menu (select for glowing and detail colors)
  • Added "create_scrshot_ent" command which saves info_autoscreenshot entities easily (useful for mapper who use the map compile server)
  • Add "captime" score field for CTF, revealing captime to xonstat
  • Fixed balancing with drop penalties; added assist points for previous carriers
  • Decreased combo radius and increase refire delay slightly for Electro
  • glowtrails for flag carriers
  • New capture effects
  • new cvars: g_waypointsprite_turrets, g_waypointsprite_turrets_maxdist
  • new cheats: cmd usetarget, cmd killtarget
  • new cheat: teleporttotarget
  • new secondary firemode for Crylink
  • "Nexrun" is renamed to XDF
  • Completely rewrote notification system and format specs
  • Fixed bug where a hudpanel resized to fullscreen cannot be resized anymore (with mouse left button)
  • New musical gun: the @!#%'n Klein Bottle.
  • Animation blending on playermodels
  • Allow players to still choose the visual gun position with g_shootfromeye
  • sv_vote_gamestart: Add a cvar to enable/disable voting before the match has started
  • CA and Freezetag now fully supports for 3 and 4 teams
  • Enabled voting for shuffleteams by default
  • New compiler: use GMQCC instead of Fteqcc
  • CA and LMS sends correct data to XonStat, also fixed real/spectator player detection
  • removed headshot function: animation blending made it pointless
  • Removed runematch gamemode
  • Fixed bug: T.A.G. Seeker primary is unable to fire, but its secondary can.
  • CA: newcomer players can only join the game during the countdown to round start; if they try to do it during a round or when the round is over they get scheduled to play the next round
  • Freezetag: team colored ice with full starting alpha
  • broke compatibility with xonotic 0.5.0
  • Added touch explode to the mutators menu
  • Fixed broken domination control point waypoint
  • Implemented a function to spectate previous player and add possibility to spectate next/previous player with next/previous weapon binds (primary fire still changes to the next player)
  • Lowered Nex damage to 80, raise animtime to 0.5
  • Lowered minstagib extra lives to 1 one gets from picking up powerups
  • Laser jumps don't give ammo in vampire mutator anymore
  • Weapon arena now allows multiple weapons
  • scoreboard doen't show accuracy anymore (it can be seen in 2 other places, +accuracy and weapons panel)
  • g_spawn_furthest 1 by default, players really shouldn't spawn near others
  • Fixed extra life powerup giving infinite lives in lms & minstagib
  • turned off rune-darkzone in campaign
  • rescaled nexballarena map, should be better for gameplay
  • New map: Abyss
  • Fixed and separated runningman maps (on community demand, removed railings in CTF map, and playerclipped hiding spots near 25hp in the upper-mid section)
  • New map: Oilrig
  • Fixes and new item Layout on Newtonian Nightmare, Riffle is replaced by Nex
  • added strength on the bridge on Courtfun
  • updated waypoint files for bots on Solarium
  • New duel map: Fuse, made by cityy. Winner of 2012 duel-mapping contest
  • exploding barrels on Solarium, Courtfun and Glowplant
  • removed map Red Planet
  • New duel map: Silent Siege by Justin

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