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20 June 2012

RapidWeaver theme; create HTML5-driven video content.


Mosaic is a Rapidweaver theme that offers a visually rich browsing experience that will keep your visitors mesmerized and coming back for more.

Reveal navigation

Mosaic's innovative navigation displays beautifully with a click of the Menu button.

Single banner option

Choose 1 banner image if not utilizing the 4 Extra Content Banner areas as shown above.

Responsive design

Optimal viewing experience as your site adjusts seamlessly based on screen size.

Dynamic banner display

Mosaic's unique 4 image banner area utilizes 4 Extra Content areas, giving you the ability to make a dynamic visual statement with your site.

4 extra content areas

Easy to follow instructions on how to incorporate images using the 4 Extra Content Areas can be viewed on the Tutorial page of this preview site.

20+ color options

Customize your site's color the way you want -- without limitations.

72 social icons

Visitors will stay connected with social media sites relevant to you.

12 custom fonts

Design and style your site beautifully by utilizing the variety of fonts Mosaic provides.

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