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17 June 2013

Edit audio in music and video files.


LevelFix is a powerful and highly useful new tool for correcting or adjusting the audio level at multiple points in your music and video files. Use it to add volume ramps, fade ins and fade outs, correct overly-loud sections of audio, mute just parts of the audio, etc. Correct those annoying windy sections of your outdoor videos! LevelFix provides a highly attractive interface allowing you to:
  • Apply in real-time and save multiple audio level settings to an audio track, allowing you to apply many audio level fade ins and outs throughout a track.
  • Drag individual audio level markers around to adjust the audio volume ramps.Provides visual feedback of the audio level of each marker.
  • Automatically ramps (fades) the volume between each pair of adjacent markers.
  • Works for audio files and video files.
  • Use the +/- buttons to move frame-by-frame, for fine tuning marker positioning.
  • 1, 5 and 10 second buttons to jump back in precise decrements while the audio is playing, useful if you want to jump back to a section of note in the audio that you just played.
  • Full transport controls, including a playback speed control to allow you to slow the playback speed while determining where and when to add your markers.
  • Intelligent control of marker positioning.

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