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Sign PDF3.3.0

15 March 2017

Sign PDF's electronically.


Sign PDF makes PDF signing simple and efficient. No more printing. No more paper. Sign electronically in three different ways.

  1. Write your signature using trackpad or mouse.
  2. Insert any existing digital signature image from your local disk.
  3. Type your signature, with custom font style, color, etc.

And Sign PDF does more, too:

  • Fill Any PDF Forms
    Need to add text or images to PDF? Tick a checkbox? Sign PDF lets you fill out any PDF forms from anywhere.
  • Embed content in the PDF
    Some other apps just create text boxes and annotations that flow above the content and can be deleted in a PDF reader. Sign PDF is actually a simple PDF editor and form filler. Text, signature, and images you added are embedded into the PDF.

What's new in Sign PDF

Version 3.3.0:
  • Fixed the compatibility problem with macOS 10.12
  • Fixed a bug that caused the output PDF to display deleted content in certain situations
  • Other enhancements

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3 Reviews of Sign PDF

02 January 2014
Version: 2.0.0

Most helpful

Appel's can sign documents with your signature as well.
22 January 2017
Version: 3.2.0
Description is misleading, or at a minimum, easy to misinterpret. Claims to sign PDF's 'electronically', and then says 'insert any existing digital signature image from your local disk." TRUE digital signing means the insertion of a unique encrypted certificate ID, that is applied for and issued, much like a website certification, or the digital signing of an application. Read this ADOBE article Unfortunately, the term digital signing is still used to refer to simply adding a scanned image, i.e. a picture, of a hand written signature. This is carry over from the days prior to true digital certificates, when a digital signature meant a scanned image, referring to the fact that the signature was added via software, versus physically signing a hard copy of a document. So do not be mislead by the developers implying that the app handles 'digital' or 'electronic' signatures. It is just image insertion, no different from stamping or placing a watermark. In the business world and legal world, when it matters, the use of scanned image of signature is on the decline, and the preference is for digital ID signatures, because it has become too easy for anyone to stick a scanned image of anyone's signature into a doc. This Sign PDF app, only deals with adding a scanned image, it does NOT handle true digital certificates. In fact, everything this app does, is already available through Apple's Preview app. In fact, in one sense, Sign PDF is worse, because after you add annotations (text boxes etc), and save the PDF, you can't go back and edit. Preview can save edits, and you can return later and make changes. Buyer beware.
21 March 2014
Version: 2.1.0
Pretty good program for adding notes but not quite as smooth flowing as it could be.
02 January 2014
Version: 2.0.0
Appel's can sign documents with your signature as well.