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18 May 2013

Create video-effects chains.


FrameQX provides pro-level video-effects technology combined with unique ease-of-use, with over 60 built-in video effects you can easily apply to your videos. Adding a video effect is as simple as double-clicking a preview thumbnail. Then adding another. And another, until suddenly you’ve created your own unique chain of effects that provides an astounding, visually appealing look. Save your chain of effects as a preset and suddenly you have a tool that allows you to build your own video themes. Tweak the effect controls and you’ll find you can create an infinite number of looks for your videos. FrameQX brings affordable pro-level video effects to the desktop/laptop in your home. The full list of effects is provided at and a PDF guide is available with examples of the effects in use at

Some key features of FrameQX:

  • Full playback transport controls and display of all video effects in real-time
  • Over 60 built-in video effects
  • View effects by double-clicking on a preview thumbnail
  • Easily build chains and combinations of video effects
  • Save your effect combinations as instantly recallable video-effect presets
  • No pre-rendering required to view effects
  • Full-screen display with all transport and video effect controls and panels displayed
  • Full or time-range selection export of all effects and effect chains

Effects include: 1950s, 1970s, Aged, Bloom, Black & White, CMYK Halftone, Cold Steel, Color Controls, Combat, Comic Effect, Crystallize, Dot Screen, Edges, Edge Work, Etching, Evening, Gamma Adjust, Glass Block, Glide Reflected Tile, Gloom, Hatched Screen, Hexagonal Pixellate, Hue Adjust, Highlight Shadow, Median, Moonlight, Motion Blur, Negative, News Print, Noir City, Noise Reduction, Nuclear Winter, Pale Cartoon, Pixellate, Pointillize, Pop Art, Posterize, Sci-Fi, Sepia Tone, Spot Color, Spot Light, Summer Heat, Unsharp Mask, Vibrance, White Point Adjust, X-Ray, Zoom Blur, 4 Stripes - Mixed, Left Black & White, Quartered, Split 16, Mixed Silhouette, Mono Roto, Euro Cartoon, Silhouette, Center Silhouette, Half Silhouette, Serendipity, Shade Block, Shade Bars.

What's new in FrameQX

Version 1.2:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a video that did not contain any audio to fail to export correctly.

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