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CrushFTP Enterprise

11 March 2015

Full-featured file server.


CrushFTP Enterprise is a powerful file server supporting nearly all protocols. It does FTP, SFTP (SSH FTP), SCP, FTPS/FTPES (FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and WebDAV SSL.

Enterprise features:
  • High Speed File Transfers (CrushTunnel): You can get accelerated transfers up to the speed your ISP limits you to, regardless of the latency or distance between connections. This can run stand along and allow FTP clients to tunnel through it, or integrated into the web browser with an applet.
  • CrushFTPDrive: Users can connect directly from their machine with a native file server drive. They can work directly on files that are on the server. Transfers with the server can be accelerated automatically with the CrushTunnel feature. Simple integration on OSX and all versions of Windows XP and above.
  • Job Scheduler: This allows you to schedule when tasks will run such as copying files from a remote server and encrypting them, then transferring them to another server.
  • CrushTask Conditional Processing: You can branch to different actions based on custom criteria. You can call another task to have it perform common actions and then return and continue on.
  • CrushTask Pop/IMAP: This allows you to monitor an email inbox and process incoming attachments in an automated way, routing them, encrypting them, etc.
  • RADIUS Authentication: This allows you to process logins against a third party RADIUS server, such as two factor authentication with
  • CrushSync: This allows for an agent to be installed on desktop computers keeping local folders in realtime sync with other desktop machines. A change made anythwere will be replicated across all subscribers with that folder.
  • Internal Sharing: Users can grant access to their folders to other internal users of the server. The newly granted folder just shows up in the user's 'Shares' folder.
  • Emergency support with access to support personnel 24x7. If the server is down for any reason, immediate help is one phone call away.

Besides the enterprise only features, there are many other features that make CrushFTP stand out:

  • The built in fully customizable WebInterface allows you to present a website to customers so they can easily upload files to you, or download files from you. It has support for drag and drop uploading on the website, as well as the ability to upload folders while zipping them on the fly. This saves time and bandwidth. You get real-time feedback on the upload progress, speeds, and estimated time remaining. The WebInterface allows searching for files, thumbnails of images, slideshows, and managing your CrushSync client.
  • Easily setup emails to come to you when a user uploads a file. Did the user upload 50 files? Don't want 50 emails? Not a problem. CrushFTP will build one email with all 50 items listed in it... even if they used a client that logged in with 10 connections to do the uploads!
  • CrushFTP is easy to configure. You can drag and drop folders on a user to grant them access to the folder. The user will then only be able to access that folder. Not like OS X where they can browse around outside their home folder.
  • The plugin support for CrushFTP allows for a whole new set of expandable features. One example allows you to make users by "creating a folder". That's all. You create a folder with a specific name, and a user with that name can then login with access to only that folder. You can't get any easier than that.
  • Scared about giving users access to your computer? You can "preview" what the user will see with the user manager. You can control the access to every file or folder so there is no confusion on what a user can or can't do. Once a user has logged in, you can monitor what they are doing with the CrushFTP interface. See which directories they access, what files they download, and upload.
  • Free training videos showcasing various features of CrushFTP are available on CrushFTP's homepage. Additionally, should you have questions or concerns, you have email access to support who will respond to questions very quickly.

What's new in CrushFTP Enterprise

Version 7.3.0:
  • added check for update to check build
  • added sort task item
  • added download of HTTP response item in CrushTask
  • added {protocol} variable for crushtask.
  • allow controlling max outgoing http buffer (GDrive).
  • posix group supports variables.
  • crushtask error scenarios pass in the item of error now for variable references
  • added block overwrite pattern to crushtask copy/move
  • added append mode for CrushTask
  • improved job report schedule to give more details.
  • FTP now uses configured TLS versions
  • added CrushTask process only first item flags across most task items
  • tunnel version 3 is now available
  • added session cache async to disk
  • individual session logging can be disabled
  • adds copy unique name pattern
  • added custom user session log location
  • CrushClient can handle command line file transfers and be scripted out.
  • Added support for DES: scheme on passwords.
  • auto remove old expired internal share references
  • added new report for failed logins
  • added randomize home folder name for LDAP
  • allows forcing delays between commands in SFTP protocol.
  • jobs can be limited to one instance per server, or per cluster of servers
  • added type variable for deletes and renames
  • added type variable for downloads and uploads
  • added support for custom upload form meta info from DMZ
  • added priority to serverbeat
  • added ability to run a linked job on a DMZ server.
  • added ability to do chunked native uploads in web browsers for faster upload speeds.
  • added pack200, Z,XZ,LZMA compress/decompress types for CrushTask
  • added support for connection profiles in jobs.
  • added user and count info for security user hammering alert
  • added alert type for when CrushFTP is restarted
  • dmz security alerts are forwarded to internal server
  • added trim function support for text functions and auto trims alert_msg
  • added additional ban security alert.
  • added remote file client for running processes as a user in windows.
  • added ability to route as2 connections out through a DMZ.
  • added as2 message signature validation options
  • added ability to compute basic math expressions in CrushTask variables
  • added event for when a suer shares
  • added tag to log output, and support for google captcha v2, and logging tags at the start of the line
  • added custom event type
  • http sessions can now honor session timeout configurations overriding the http session timeout value
  • added ability for Link job task to run on other internal servers and other where to run choices.
  • added support for bind_ip parts in template user
  • added auto retry on loading usernames from XML
  • added resume support for S3Crush
  • improved DMZ logging, added alert type for month items
  • added 's3_max_buffer_download' flag to control memory usage on S#Crush downloads.
  • added segmenting support to s3crushclient to overcome resume issues on large files
  • added max upload/downlaod day and month available amount value support for web listings
  • csrf protection is enabled by default now
  • sped up S3 plain connections via caching
  • added cwd_stat flag for ftp client
  • added support for dir size calculations in WebInterface.
  • added ASCII flag for PGP ecnryption on the fly for VFS.
  • added temp_name feature to coyp and mvoe tasks.
  • dmz prefs now have new properties added by default
  • faster job jump/link scenarios with less delay.
  • added EXPORT ciphers to permanent disable list.
  • enhanced advanced mode transfers on resuming, and overwrite scenarios.
  • fix for rapid user logins potentially causing one to fail
  • fix for colliding VFS not allowing listings
  • webdav client fix over https
  • added comments to internal shares
  • added LDAP support for SSH key based auth lookup
  • fixed saving users in User Manager
  • fixed job cleanup for temp user event jobs
  • fixed bug with & in registration name and preferences
  • rolled back to acl2 mode for default operations
  • capture error on ftp logout when login didn't work, and don't make folders in popimap task
  • fix for dmz and linked VFS
  • fix for S3 downloads of entire folders.
  • fix for DMZ memory leak.
  • fix for CrushSync startup re-uploading offline deleted files on windows, and keyword creation for zip files.
  • fix for crossing data socks in multithreaded http upload in same session (crushsync)
  • fix for session replication clearing old sessions
  • fixed mecmache to have folders as well as files
  • fixed no content popimap bug
  • fixes for bad firewalls on FTP connect
  • fixes bad user.xml writes under load
  • fix for restoring jobs
  • more heavy load protection for single user account writes
  • race condition when downloading tiny files with SFTP
  • fixed job progress line tracking
  • fixed session cache and session cache on exit
  • allow sha or sha-1 AS2 mic responses
  • no longer checks for encrypted header size when items are internal VFS references
  • fix for DMZ/internal server with replication deadlock
  • fix for copy/paste folder in DMZ
  • fix for popimap task
  • fixed bug with session replication frequency
  • don't save prefs.xml file as regularly.
  • fixed bug with task to run when account is disabled.
  • fixed bug with manage shares removing valid references.
  • multiple ldap configs were not being checked properly.
  • fixed reverse proxy.
  • fixed password history logic.
  • fixed temp filename extension renaming when done
  • fixed move task not closing SFTP connections.
  • fixed url and name replacement variables in CrushTask.
  • fixed bug with server not tracking last_logins for reports.
  • fixed bug with DMZ downloads and advanced downloads
  • fixes potential deadlock issue under high load
  • fix for upload file type
  • fix for date variables in CrushTasks.
  • fix for viewing suer log
  • fixed caching bug with password history validation
  • fixed as2 task sending when dealing with many files.
  • fixed default threading issue with s3 not uploading large files.
  • fix for http uploading
  • fix for serverbeat master scenario
  • tunnel3 protocol is stable now.
  • fix for urldecode issue in cut/paste, and socks proxy by IP
  • fix for alerts missing the msg part.
  • fixed webinterface uploads timing out when they are slow to start
  • fixed RFile to work with service
  • fixed PGP trailer size for SCP
  • fix for importing trusted keys into PFX file
  • fixed bug with PASV response and private IPs
  • fixed pasv IP response scenarios for private networks and public
  • as2 variable fixes
  • fixed bug with upload form data going through DMZ
  • fixed loading connection profile for uservariables
  • fix for finishing a file upload
  • fix for receiving MDN through DMZ
  • hides column on expiring account report for not in use.
  • fixes issue with session timeout in clustered environment
  • fix for creating share in DMZ mode
  • fix for running multiple same named events at the same time, and fix for replicated DMZ share creation.
  • fixed bug with DMZ and multiple VFS locations
  • fix for client cert auth with CN at end of subject
  • fix for sending trust store for client cert auth to DMZ
  • fix for password issue in DMZ
  • fix for & in browser uploaded names
  • changed redirection to use relative path
  • fixed bug with keystores in memory in DMZ and AS2
  • fix for excessive memory usage on really large file uploads with S3.
  • fixed delayed initial login window
  • fixes for log rolling to be less abusive of CPU
  • fix for sftp uploads where session is closing before upload is completed
  • fix for double security alert notifications for bad_login and DMZ
  • fix for DMZ race condition missing replies.
  • fix for FTP proxy scenario for bad FTP servers that don't start you in / and don't implement stat properly.
  • fix for deleting partial failed uploads when suing a temp extension during upload
  • fix for http task and cookies
  • fixed s3 url selection bug
  • fixes for star_stat mode for proxying to windows IIS FTP servers
  • performance fix for star_stat and large directories
  • fix for ensuring http upload completes on tiny files
  • ftpclient proxy speed improvement
  • fixed memory usage in S3Crush.
  • allow file XML errors to be logged
  • fix for path consistency on delete CrushTask
  • fix for raw S3 throwing errors when finding files that were in progress
  • fix for anon and null ciphers
  • fix for multiple http uploads in same single session having socket issues
  • fix for dir listings paths with filter
  • fix for job scheduler run timing issue.
  • fix for SFTP memory issue
  • fix for SFTP upload queueing.

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