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DAE Solver2.4

25 January 2015

Solve systems of algebraic and differential equations.


DAE Solver solves systems of algebraic and/or differential equations and performs linear stability analysis, searching for turning points, simple bifurcation points, and Hopf bifurcation points. Some higher index problems (index 2 and above) can be solved too, including problems on mechanical systems with holonomic constraints. Multiple documents are allowed, with unlimited undo. Results are generated as tables, graphs, and movies. AppleScript is supported, with scripts that DAE Solver builds as a problem is defined and that can later be customized.

What's new in DAE Solver

Version 2.4:
  • Performance and memory management have improved.
  • Most problems are now almost twice as fast as they were before, some even faster.
  • Another significant change is in the new framework for user specified functions.
  • This will be valuable to those who find themselves making use of the same expressions again and again.
  • You can define for example pi = cos(-1) as a new user formula, and from that moment on use pi in any problem of your choice.

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