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Online Business Tracker Lite1.0.0

28 January 2013

Easily manage your online business.


Online Business Tracker Lite is an affordable way to keep track of your incomes, expenses, blog ideas, inventory and more. Are you running an online business or plan to do so? Do you find it difficult to be able to figure out what you are doing or to keep track of certain things?

Then check out Online Business Tracker Lite! It features:

  • An Income Tab-manage your money coming in (and you can search by who paid you).
  • An Expenses Tab-manage your expenses and manage the expenses by category. You can even see how much money you have spent on a certain category.
  • An Ideas Tab-manage your blog, podcast, video ideas (or any other idea that you might have).
  • An Inventory Tab-record the item you have, where you are selling it and it's id number.
This is a perfect, affordable app for those that have a blog where they have multiple revenue streams on it. This might work for those individuals that dabble in freelancing in addition to their regular incomes (through a job).

Additionally, you can save the information as a binary file, a sqlite database or an XML file. These can work with things such as Sqlite Manager or some finance programs.

Note: There is no printing features yet or any of the things that you would expect in higher priced items. Please do not expect certain features to be in this app at this moment in time. I will be updating this particular app more than some of the others that I have available-I will be providing free upgrades for those that purchase. Thank you for understanding that I'll be adding things in the future.

This app only costs $.99 (hence why there is no refund. Please do not request one since I am not asking you to part with a lot of money. All refund requests will be ignored unless under special circumstances).

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