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Directory Tree Plugins


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Directory Tree Plugins

06 December 2012

A filter and a zip plugin for Directory Tree.


Directory Tree Plugins Contains two separate plugins for the Directory Tree application.
  1. Bunch of Filters is a plugin which contains four types of filters:
    • is a filing system object a directory
    • is a filing system object an image file
    • does an image file within certain dimensions
    • does a filing system object have an extension
  2. Gzip is a plugin containing two functions: a command and a tool.
    • The command is 'gzip'. gzip will gzip any file under select mode 0 and place it in a directory directed by the you (see preferences).It will gzip the files individually, not as one big file.
    • The tool is the zip command. All it does is zip the current frontmost view and place it in your home directory.

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  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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