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04 December 2012

Easily adjust the size of multiple images.


Sizer is an intuitive must have tool to add to your daily workflow. Sizer makes it amazingly simple to adjust the size of 1 or multiple images.

Check out what Sizer can do:

  • Sizer comes with a proportion calculator. Why a proportion calculator? Say you've got an image with a resolution of 800x600, what if you want to change the width to be 400, would you know off the top of your head what the height should be? Probably not, this is what the proportion calculator will do for you.
  • Sizer can reduce retina images to non-retina images. Just drag your retina images onto Sizer and click on Resize @2x. Sizer will prompt you for a save to location and then resize your images.
  • With Sizer you can also do something called Free Resize. Free Resize allows you to specify a width and height that you want your images to be. Sizer will then resize all of your images to your specified size. You can also resize either the height or width of your images and keep the aspect ratio.
  • Need to resize your images to fit a certain constraint? Let's say you need each image to fit into a 500x500 square box. Sizer can resize your images to fit a constraint that you specify all while keeping the aspect ratio.
  • With all of the included features, Sizer is the most complete easy to use image sizing application that you will ever need.

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