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01 June 2017

Control your applications with a few short keystrokes (beta).


Shortcat lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and boost your productivity! Shortcat is a keyboard tool for OS X that lets you "click" buttons and control your apps with a few keystrokes. Think of it as Spotlight for the user interface.

What's new in Shortcat

Version 0.7.8:
  • Updated beta expiry date
  • Work has resumed on Shortcat. Stay tuned!

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04 June 2013

Most helpful

Shortcat calls home to Google Analytics. It's great that at this time Shortcat is free. I like its concept and I don't mind beta testing. I understand the importance of making a living from software design. However, NOT asking a user whether or not they wish to participate in surveillance by Google is NOT acceptable. If my privacy is going to be compromised, then ASK ME PERMISSION FIRST, DAMMIT. I found out about Shortcat calling out to Google Analytics via Little Snitch, my 'reverse firewall'. I denied its access forever. If you have a reverse firewall running, I'd suggest you consider doing the same. My work on my computer is not available for Google surveillance without my permission, ever. Many other current application developers pull this same trick on their users. This is not the first time I've caught apps calling out to Google Analytics. Another recent app I acquired does the same thing, that being Bartender, an app I PAID FOR. Paying for an app AND being surveilled is two strikes against the developer. Be wary of what your apps are doing in the background. Your computer behavior might be FOR SALE without your permission. This is typical disrespectful marketing-moron behavior. Not good. Never acceptable. I hope the Shortcat developer makes it clear exactly what the cost is for using Shortcat. I'd rather pay for Shortcat than be surveilled by Google. Other developers please take note.
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Version 0.4.2
27 February 2017
Extremely useful tool, buys you time!
Version 0.7.7
Will Hill
31 October 2016
Very nice app to facilitate operating computer. I didn't think the app would become one of the most useful apps on my mac. I'm glad it's free.
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Version 0.7.7
04 October 2016
I was looking for something like this for a long time. Shortcat helped me to work with my computer much faster using my keyboard more. This app is good for fast typists as well as novices who would like to improve their typing skills. Thumbs up!
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Version 0.7.7
30 November 2014
Since switching to Mac from Windows some 7 years ago I'm still looking for ways to get me using the keyboard more instead of the mouse, but without configuring all kinds of shortcuts myself AND without the need to remember all sorts of unlogical key-combinations. A few weeks ago I started using KeyCue instead of the free Cheatsheet, but today I found Shortcat! After a few hours testdriving it I like it very much. A completely different approach from what I am used to with others apps I tested but very, very much what I was looking for. >No need to configure shortcuts >No need to remember shortcuts >Easy activate around everything I see on my desktop I can't say anything about stability yet, so will use the beta for free the coming period. The future price seems to gonna be quite high for a one-trick utility, though. So my rating for now is only based on the functionality and the free price for the beta.
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Version 0.7.4
06 April 2014
Great application, necessary and functional. I am confident in its further development.
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Version 0.6.5
16 November 2013
Shortcat, where have you been all my life? < 3 Seriously, I am going to be using this program so much that I'll bind my Caps Locks key to pull it up (using ControllerMate).
Version 0.6.3
15 November 2013
Luv it so far but using Maverick 10.9 I can only launch it using the keyboard . . . .maybe it's designed to only do that . . I dunno ?
Version 0.6.3
13 November 2013
This really isn't bad at all. Reminds me back to the Firefox days where I had a similar add-on for mouse-free navigation in the browser window. This one works the same way and in every application! BTW, a brilliant name :-)
Version 0.6.2
15 October 2013
Thank you shortcat. Ugh, I dont understand why this is the first app of its kind (is it?). I've been wanting something like this for years. Now I seldom have to take my hands of the keyboard. It works in scrivener for 'clicking' items in the binder/sidebar. Faster than using mouse.
Version 0.5.3
08 August 2013
Dev, your homepage has a misspelling: "Be more productive It takes an average of three secodns ..."
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Version 0.5.1