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01 September 2013

Easily track currencies.


Moneytrends lets you easily see trends of multiple currencies.
  • Displays recent or long-term trends
  • Read the current rates
  • Uses European Bank data
  • Save money by spotting whether it's a good or bad time to buy your holiday currency or change it back
  • See as many currencies as you like all at once
  • Plotted with actual values or a comparison of up and down trends
Not a simple currency converter, Moneytrends displays short or long-term trends for multiple currencies using European Bank data. Moneytrends will not show up-to-the minute exchange rates. It loads data from the European Bank, their feed is updated daily, Moneytrends will fetch new data when it starts and then every 6 hours. The absolute setting will display actual values with the y axis labeled. The relative setting will display a more relational graph, just showing the currencies' trends against one another without necessarily actual values.

Note The first time you start Moneytrends it will fetch the historic data from the European Bank. This is a big file (4Mb) and may take anything between a few seconds to a minute to load. After that, the data will be loaded in the background every 6 hours, and when next started, Moneytrends will open immediately, using the most recent data that it has stored.

What's new in Moneytrends

Version 2.0:
  • Updated URL of feed from European Bank and fixes problems collecting data
  • Adds conversion facility - any amount in any currency and immediately see the conversion in all other currencies
  • All numbers are displayed using user's number formatting preference (i.e., the correct decimal and thousands separator)
  • Retina compatible
  • Tested and ready for OSX 10.9 Mavericks

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