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Photo Blender

27 October 2012

Combine images with a smooth gradient transition.


Photo Blender is an iOS app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod that combines photos horizontally using gradient blending at the seams where they are joined.

Photo Blender is easy to use!

Basically all you do is shoot or select your photos to blend, blend them, and then visit the gallery where you can view, email and export your blend.

  • Shoot Your Pictures. Go to the Camera pane of the app and take the pictures you'd like to blend. They are collected in the drawer at the top of the window, where you can delete to retake.
  • Blend Your PicturesClick the Save button when you are finished shooting to perfor
  • Select Your PicturesAs an alternative to the camera, go to the Blender pane. In this pane you can add images directly from your Photos library for blending.
  • Visit the GalleryWhen a blend is complete it is placed into the Blends pane, also known as the Gallery. Tap on a blend to access options for it.

Options include exporting the blend. You can export the whole blend, or the original images, to the Photos library.

You can also email the blend from within the app.

A blend can be "undone" i.e. disassembled into its original photos, as shown above. Then it can be reassembled, by selecting Blend from the options.

If you choose to view the blend the viewer will open where you can zoom and scroll.

What can Photo Blender do for me?
  • Create stunning high resolution photo montages.
  • Use your iPhone, iPod or iPad camera from within the app to produce beautiful photo blends.
  • Create blends of selected images directly from your Photos library.
  • Combine photos using a gradient blend at the seams where they are joined.
  • The blending margin width is adjustable for special effects.
  • Set the blending margin width to zero to merely join photos at their edges.
  • Set the blending margin width to higher values to achieve gradual transitions.
  • Save all your blends in one place in your gallery.
  • In the gallery you can export and view blends, among other options.
  • Add location data to your blends so you remember exactly where you were when you made it.
  • View the location where the blend was made on a map in the gallery.
  • Easily share your blends with friends and family through email.
  • Optionally scale photos before blending by 50, 75 or 100 percent.

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