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Starflight 1+21.0

24 October 2012

Game of perilous intergalactic flight.


Starflight 1+2 sends you off on a perilous intergalactic mission -- and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance!

In Starflight 1 you embark on a mission to save the galaxy’s future by discovering the secrets of its past. With over 800 unique planets in 270 systems to explore, you never know what might lurk behind the next star. Each newly explored system might lead to a powerful artifact, a mysterious alien race, or another piece of the puzzle that will unravel the ultimate mystery. And that's the really great thing about this game: the feeling of exploration and fulfilling that deep human need that drives us towards the unknown.

Starflight 2 keeps all the great gameplay of its predecessor, but makes everything bigger and better. Many aspects of the game were vastly enhanced: the game’s diplomacy, the size of the galaxy, and the number of alien races you can interact with are all improved the second time out. The gameplay

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