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City Of Fools

17 September 2012

Hidden object adventure game.


In City of Fools, investigate the mysterious case of a UFO cover-up, a lighthearted romp through the eccentric town of Tundrel.

Your job as a journalist has always had a quirky side, and when the chief editor sends you to the town of Tundrel to investigate a possible UFO, the bar is set. The town's mayor has the answers, but first you'll need to get past all of the townsfolk. Will the UFO claim ring true, or is someone trying to pull one over on the public?

Find out when you make your way to this quirky town and locate the mayor. Interview the eccentric townspeople to find clues and answers in 500 different locations. They will only help you as long as you help them first. Enjoy entertaining mini-games, purchase useful items, and beware of dead ends in your investigation. It's an odd misadventure that is certain to keep you entertained.


  • Uncover a UFO conspiracy in this whimsical Hidden Object adventure.
  • Speak with the eccentric townsfolk to find clues and answers in 500 locations.
  • Enjoy 10 diverse and entertaining mini-games.
  • Collect enough money to purchase helpful items and reach the mayor.

Requirements for City Of Fools

  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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