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CrushFTP Small Business

25 October 2016

Full-featured file server.


CrushFTP is a powerful file server well ahead of its time. Not only does it handle serving FTP, but it also does SFTP (SSH FTP), FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and WebDAV SSL. From that list you can see it is serious about security and encryption.

CrushFTP Small Business a allows 50 concurrent connections.

  • In about 10 clicks you can be up and running with a powerful FTP server, HTTP server, HTTPS server, and WebDAV server, with your first user created and ready to login!
  • WebDAV allows you to use the OS X Finder to connect to the server and work on it as if it were another hard drive on your machine. Read, write, rename, etc. all with WebDAV. Normally the Finder is read only when using FTP, so WebDAV is a welcomed addition.
  • The built in fully customizable WebInterface allows you to present a website to customers so they can easily upload files to you, or download files to you. It has support for drag and drop uploading on the website, as well as the ability to upload folders while zipping them on the fly. This saves time and bandwidth. Or you can use the browser uploader which uses AJAX to queue up file transfers and submit them all at once. Either way, you get real-time feedback on the upload progress, speeds, and estimated time remaining... all things you can't get normally.
  • Easily setup emails to come to you when a user uploads a file. Did the user upload 50 files? Don't want 50 emails? Not a problem. CrushFTP will build one email with all 50 items listed in it... even if they used a client that logged in with 10 connections to do the uploads!
  • CrushFTP is easy to configure. You can drag and drop folders on a user to grant them access to the folder. The user will then only be able to access that folder. Not like OS X where they can browse around outside their home folder.
  • Want to add SFTP to your server? Its just 5 clicks away. Click preferences.(1) Click add.(2) Enter a port for it to run on, click OK.(3) Click the SFTP server type.(4). Click OK to close the preferences.(5) literally that's how easy it is to configure things in CrushFTP. All the hard work is done for you.
  • Lastly, the plugin support for CrushFTP allows for a whole new set of expandable features. One example allows you to make users by "creating a folder". That's all. You create a folder with a specific name, and a user with that name can then login with access to only that folder! You can't get any easier than that.
  • Scared about giving users access to your computer? You can "preview" what the user will see with the user manager. You can control the access to every file or folder so there is no confusion on what a user can or can't do. Once a user has logged in, you can monitor what they are doing with the CrushFTP interface. See which directories they access, what files they download, and upload.
  • The included CrushFTP widget allows you to monitor your server with the press of a button. See a real-time snap shop of who's connected, what files have just been accessed, a whole summary of what your server is doing.

What's new in CrushFTP Small Business

Version 8.0.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.7 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor

  • HTML5 based upload system with 4x faster upload speeds, resume support, and auto retry
  • Federating servers...multiple servers linked into one Linked Servers, managed and monitored from the master server
  • Limited Server allows for a server to run with restricted filesystem access for "user data" and "server config" areas
  • Server memory can be set from the dashboard now
  • User data can now be replicated to another server via a journaled replication system
  • Recycle bin now resets the date for easier time based cleanup
  • UI improvements to CrushSync systray/menu item for quick access
  • updated SFTP libraries for more modern ciphers and architecture
  • updated threading model for higher performance connection handling
  • GoogleDrive for VFS data storage is supported now
  • copy task items between jobs
  • Job monitoring by user or group support
  • support for job organization in job groups
  • Dropped old plugins: PostBack,LaunchProcess,AutoUnzip. CrushTask replaces all of them
  • updated reports UI, more enhancements coming
  • CrushClient local agent is a new tool which now has an advanced CrushClientUI
  • improved slideshow playback for large folders with thousands of images
  • support for password based encryption in PGP files instead of key based
  • allow editing SSH port setting changes without disconnecting current users
  • supports the proxy protocol v1 header for servers behind load balancers that want to know the user's true IP
  • allows for changing speed limits on the fly for existing connections
  • files can now be locked, unlocked for more of a content management system
  • allows an end user the ability to download a prior revision of a file that has been replaced
  • reports can be run at hourly intervals
  • IPv6 support for IP banning and limiting connections for ports or users
  • Ability to delegate a Linked Job out to a CrushClient running as an agent in managed mode
  • jQuery library updates
  • Telnet debug utility available on all admin areas
  • Previewing a video file can play a lower resolution pre-generated file instead of the full version

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Version 6.2
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Version 6.2


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