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09 March 2020

Create Epic Slideshows.


SuperFlex 3 for RapidWeaver makes epic slideshow with mixed media slides - images, video, maps, or custom stacks.

SuperFlex for Mac is based upon on the popular responsive slideshow "Flex Slider" - but improved with streamlined design, drop-dead easy stack interface, and banner importing into existing NCD Themes. SuperFlex allows slideshows to beautifully scale within the coming direction of responsive design sites and themes.


The Hero media type shows a prominent headline, paragraph, and button link. Grab attention, or call to action. Loaded with custom background and text control, Hero is a major addition to SuperFlex.

Google Maps

When you need a map on your site, many find that Google Maps is the best solution. The Google Maps media type takes map embed code and applies responsive formatting, letting your map scale fluidly on any screen.


The Stack media type is the most free-form slide within SuperFlex 3. Whatever stack content goes in - is what comes out. Then add a custom thumbnail image and caption to a Stack slide, the possibilities are endless.


YouTube videos are viewed over 4 billion times a day. It's a straight forward video option for client or personal use. The YouTube media type makes adding a responsive video slide effortless, just enter the unique video id.


The workhorse of the slideshow, an image media type auto generates thumbnails from the main slide image. Images can be loaded with an external url, if preferred. A custom thumbnail is also an option.


Vimeo is perhaps the most elegant main stream video host out there, the playback experience is one of quality. Just enter the unique video id in the Vimeo media type - and it's ready to watch!

What's new in SuperFlex

Version 3:
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