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05 August 2013

Efficient trip planner.


YourtTrip is a program committed to providing you with easy trip planning and all of the precious memories that come with it. With YourtTrip, you'll find making an itinerary has never been easier or more efficient!

Get where you and your party want to go by using the one-of-a-kind itinerary organizer with map-search function. YourtTrip helps you to confirm each specific location. No need to worry about not finding the places that you're looking for, because our integrated map-search function will guide you anywhere. Make short descriptions for each point on your itinerary like what you are going to do and what you want to avoid. You can even make notes of cautions and warnings on the integrated map. If you're travelling with others, share your itinerary with them via email or blog.

Don't forget to pack! All the usual items you'll need are listed in the Packing Folder. For the unusual items, the clever packing system has a function to add important things you may need for your particular trip.

There is still one important thing to plan, and that's money! The Smart Budget tool can teach you about your own spending habits and help you to make better financial decisions. You'll find planning a budget is almost too easy! After you are back from a trip, the unplanned expenses can be added to the Expense Folder.

Save all the wonderful and precious pictures from your trip directly in YourtTrip, making it easy to manage pictures without any of the chaos.

Organize all the important details for your travels with one simple, user-friendly app -- YourtTrip.

  • Powerful share function that is to share the trip plans with others before you start the trip or back from the trip, via blog and email, or print them out as PDF files.
  • Flexible printing to guide you in making your itinerary.
  • Simple and powerful trip planner.
  • Itinerary with map search function.
  • Clever packing list.
  • Smart budget function.
  • Clear classification system.
  • Movable timeline bar to catalogue trips.
  • Elegant photo management.

What's new in YourtTrip

Version 1.3.2:
  • Italian localization.
  • Fixed Map Interaction issues.
  • Fixed Partner Manager issues.
  • Fixed several low-probability issues.

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7 Reviews of YourtTrip

07 August 2012
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Very good software. Are planning to travel. Looking forward to the official release!^_^
02 May 2015
Version: 1.3.2
What has happened to this app? I can't download it from my MacUpdate Desktop, or even find a link to the developer website. It is in the App Store (for less than I paid here) but even there, the link to the developer doesn't work (am amazed Apple hasn't kicked them off). How do I get this app that I paid for back?
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14 April 2014
Version: 1.3.2
Does anyone know if this developer is still around? Their website is not loading and their Twitter feed hasn't been active since last May. I don't want to try this out if it has become abandonware!
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16 May 2013
Version: 1.3.1
Nice to work with, not so good to share. Needs more sharing options, to facebook and tumblr using the lovely look and feel of the app rather than just a pdf with the txt/maps and little visual beauty.
10 April 2013
Version: 1.3.0
"Yourt" Trip????
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31 December 2012
Version: 1.2.4
I hope it gets there...but it has a way to go. No help. Deleting a day in the itinerary vs. just an event is obscure; I did a control-click to delete an event and lost the whole day. But delete KEY worked for that. Should be consistent. Website and support link in Help menu is dead (no exists). You should be able to drag days to change itinerary. You can change date but have to go to month view and back to get them in proper order. There isn't really a dedicated trip log/road trip planner out there. What I'd like to see is route mapping and geotagging photos. I hope the development continues; good start.
23 August 2012
Version: 1.1
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07 August 2012
Version: 1.0
Very good software. Are planning to travel. Looking forward to the official release!^_^
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