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24 February 2020

App packager for the Mac App Store.


App Wrapper helps you save time, effort, and money when preparing for deployment: one click to codesign, sandbox, and package apps.

Let App Wrapper take the chore out of application deployment. Once configured App Wrapper makes it super easy to prepare applications for App Store submission or web site distribution. App Wrapper takes care of adding the required App Store properties, creating high-resolution icons, code signing the application and its components, correcting the permissions, placing the app into an App Sandbox and packaging it in a signed installer or creating a zip file.

To see see all of the amazing things App Wrapper can do to help speed your development workflow, visit the developer's Web site.

What's new in App Wrapper

Version 3.11.2 changes
  • Use relative dates on the Notarize window.
  • Added a workaround for Window creep (where it moves up every time it's shown).
  • Fixed a bug that under certain situations would stop the automatic LSHandler Role fix from taking place.
  • Workaround for the macOS returning an error while trying to analyze a DMG with a EULA.
  • Workaround for a NOE error while analyzing the DMG file, that leaves the App in a state of limbo.
  • SOE @ Blockrelease
  • NOE @ notarizableItem.startTask
  • ICE @ AWEPTE4.verifyEntitlements
  • NOE @ NotarizeWindow.NotarizeWindow.showActionMenu
  • NOE @ NotarizeWindow.NotarizeWindow.packageListDragRow
  • RNOE @ PTE4Bundle.shouldBeExecutable.Get
  • NOE @ ngRegWindowV7.ngRegWindowV7.displayPurchaseButtonProblem

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23 July 2019

Most helpful

AppWrapper does it's job and it does it well. Code signing apps is simple and easy with AppWrapper - I don't have to mess with command line.
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Version 3.9.1
23 July 2019
AppWrapper does it's job and it does it well. Code signing apps is simple and easy with AppWrapper - I don't have to mess with command line.
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Version 3.9.1
07 March 2018
Well since version 3.8 it stopped loading my apple dev certificates tried even to make a few from scratch using Keychain Access but same issue, it loads as soon created but relaunching the application give same results,= no valid certificates... so trashed since the dev doesn't seem to know the reasons why this happens. Very sad because was a really nice soft.. Half a star for 3.8 version because of this drop of functionality, totally useless for me now. PS 3.7.2 STILL works as expected, so there's no faulty behaviour in my files/system
Version 3.8.4
20 July 2016
Must have tool for any Xojo developer submitting apps to the Apple App store. Not only is App Wrapper perfect and user friendly, the developer responds immediately. Sandboxing made simple, thanks so much...
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Version 3.6
13 June 2014
I'd like to thank the developer of this software for his excellent tool, as well as sincere and thoughtful support. Apple doesn't make it easy on people who don't use Xcode to develop. I've put off for years releasing my stuff on the App store because it was just too much hassle, but App Wrapper really makes it pretty painless. I still wasn't without a couple of bumps in the road, but Sam provided excellent support, and I got my single issue figured out quickly. Now, my apps are currently in review on the App store! $50 seems steep, but I think it is worth it. I don't mind paying it just for the support, let alone the software. Thanks Sam!
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Version 2.5
28 December 2012
Not all my apps are written with XCode so uploading them to the Mac App Store requires additional tweaking and some interaction with the terminal. If I forget something or if I do something the wrong way then my app could be rejected. Here is where App Wrapper is very helpful because it takes care of most of the stuff I need to do to my apps to get them into the Mac App Store. App Wrapper works as advertized and saved me already a lot of time when publishing or updating my apps in the Mac App Store. Note: The current version is 2.0.1
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Version 2.0