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Yummy FTP Watcher


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Yummy FTP Watcher

24 May 2018

Automated FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S client.


Yummy FTP Watcher automates uploads, downloads and syncs between your Mac and any number of FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S servers, watching chosen folders for changes and acting upon them. Working tirelessly in the background, no fuss, always ready, waiting, watching....

Modes of Operation
  • Folder-watch and transfer of new/changed items:
    • Auto Upload
    • Auto Upload + Archive*
    • Auto Download
    • (* transferred items are moved to a user-selected folder)
  • Schedule repeating* directory synchronizations:
    • Sync : Mirror
    • Sync : Update Mac
    • Sync : Update Server
    • (* any hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks, months)
  • Watch Server Folder: Get notified when a server folder changes with a list of what has changed, so you can take action.
  • Menubar-app background mode
  • Unified watcher monitor + editor window
  • Built-in local/remote folder browser
  • Automatic reconnect and resume
  • Filtering and specific exclusions
  • Scheduling
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Fine-grained logging
  • Notification Center, Growl, and email notifications

What's new in Yummy FTP Watcher

Version 3.0.9
  • Fixed truncation of some localised labels
  • Fixed tilde / home folder support for Shared user
  • Fixed WebDAV crash
  • Fixed WebDAV transfers with large file sizes

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17 March 2016

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Version 2.2.4
17 March 2016
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Version 2.2.4