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02 October 2019

Discover application shortcuts.


CheatSheet gives you access to shortcuts on your Mac with just a keystroke. Just hold the ⌘-key a bit longer to get a list of all active short cuts of the current application. It's as simple as that.

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Version 1.3.4:
  • Fixed: Known issues

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31 May 2012

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This is an absolutely great product, especially for the price. I believe this will turn into one of the "must have"apps for the Mac if it proves stable and has decent support. While I see KeyCue as mentioned, having read its description, while it seems similar, $28 is a lot to pay for such an app in my book. If CheatSheet reengineed KeyCue its all right by me so long as they did not copy or steal its source code. Should their be any credible evidence of this, CheatSheet will have a direct path to my trashcan as I generally will not support the theft or use of someone else's work without permission. One thing I would like to see in it is the availability to disable it through some other means than itself as it does not show up in 'Force Quit'.
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Version 1.0.2
14 September 2019
Great app. It's free, it works flawlessly, and it has more shortcuts than similar apps. I love this and often use it.
Version 1.3.3
It's a nice idea but the command shortcut doesn't work for me… I always end up triggering it accidentally even with a long delay. And you can't change it.
Version 1.3.3
29 November 2018
Version 1.3
05 November 2018
It do not support Mac OS Mojave - bad bad
Version 1.3
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07 January 2019
Yes, it does. I have 10.14.2.
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09 September 2018
Because it was a concern for me, AFG (?) left a very helpful note 4 years ago: Find user-facing controls in the bottom right corner of your Cheatsheet ;-) The small gear gives you preferences.
Version 1.3
20 April 2018
Love the idea, butCheatSheet seems to only recognize shortcuts listed in the menus (leaving out 75% of the shortcuts in Excel, for example) — and shortcuts listed the Menus can be found faster by typing the function you want into the Help menu.
Version 1.2.9
01 March 2018
I read about this little app being a useful tool. I find it quite handy and recommend it for power-users who like to keep their hands on the keyboard instead of the mouse. I give it 5 stars and have a few thoughts to add.

1 - it auto-adds itself to the items that start at login. This goes against my grain as I feel this is an intrusion. I prefer to only run it when using a complete app like Photoshop v13 (not cloud based!) or GraphicConverter.
2 - no configuration interface: At times I rest my thumb on the Command key while thinking of what keystroke to do next and boing - the shortcut list pops up. I'd like to have control over both the choice of key(s) and the time it takes to pop-up.
3 - no way to QUIT it when I'm done.

Perhaps I'm overlooking something? Anyway great free app.
Version 1.2.9
12 October 2016
Useful tool, especially for work with graphical redactors. Hopefully it will be compatible with Sierra.
Version 1.2.6
Lisa Lockworth
16 February 2016
Nice! Thanks
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Version 1.2.3
20 October 2015
Using on El Capitan and it works well and is quite handy but I would love to see an option to make another key be the hot key.
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Version 1.2.2


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  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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