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03 September 2012

Custom route audio input and output.


Matrik Digital Audio Patchbay for Mac OS X: simple and powerful control of your audio workflow.

Matrik features an intuitive interface that allows you to internally route all audio inputs and outputs in your system (max. 8 inputs and 8 outputs). Any input can be routed to one or more outputs.

Easily identify inputs and outputs with your own tags, just as if you would use tape and a marker in a hardware patchbay.

Settings are a snap, you'll be working with MATRIK in a matter of seconds. Works great with physical as well as virtual ports.

What's new in Matrik

Version 2.0.0:
  • The new matrix-based audioMixEngine gives much better performance and supports the following features:
    • Connection gain level
    • Connection input meter
    • Pre / Post Fader metering setting
  • Matrix grid is now much more informative and shows gain connection multiplier (1.000 = 0dB)
  • Sample Rate can now be set under Settings panel
  • Tags can be changed directly by double-clicking on the cell column / row header
  • Stability improvements
  • The Lock toggle no longer switches to ON automatically when powering audio
  • Bug fixes

Requirements for Matrik

  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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