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Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence (Jabber Video) is an application that extends the reach of telepresence. Jabber Video works with a compatible PC or Mac and a webcam or Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD camera to provide high-definition video communications to more people, on more devices, from more places. Jabber Video can connect to telepresence systems, resulting in a wider community of colleagues, partners, and business customers.


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What's New


The following issues were found in previous releases and were resolved in 4.4:

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  • Identifier Description
  • Improved reliability of ICE when using TCP relay.
  • Cease bandwidth adaptation when no quality improvement results.
  • Fixed typographical error in "Unable to connect" error message.
  • Resolved issue causing bandwidth adaptation to fail in constant packet loss situations.
  • Resolved issue where TURN probing would sometimes hang when reaching open port 80.
  • When ICE is enabled and TURN server port allocation fails due to VPN connection, allocation will now time out faster.
  • Improved handling of incomplete provisioning templates. Related stability issue resolved.
  • Corrected handling of the pre-configuration option to make network settings unavailable to users ("hideadvancedlogin), improved information to user when network settings are controlled by administrator and not editable.
  • Downgrade option using MSIExec is not supported by Jabber Video and has now been disabled.
  • Restricted bandwidth probing from going beyond the maximum provisioned outgoing bandwidth.
  • Resolved issue causing poor media quality and call disruption in some scenarios involving ICE on lower bandwidths.
  • Improved handling of heavy packet loss on call setup.
  • Solved issue that would sometimes interrupt the download of an upgrade or downgrade.
  • Resolved multiple stability issues.

Open issues:

  • The following issues apply to this version of Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence.
  • Windows XP only: Sharing Internet Explorer 6.0 or 8.0 as a presentation makes the presentation video flash.
  • When user ends a call while having another call on hold, the presence status erroneously changes to "Online". When the second call is resumed, the status remains "Online".

      Mac OS X:

      • Be sure to install and start up Jabber Video before removing Movi, as settings are imported on first startup.
      • When installing:
        • Jabber Video installs itself as a new application alongside Cisco TelePresence Movi
        • Jabber Video registers itself as the default SIP protocol handler.
        • The program bundle identifier is now
      • When Jabber Video is launched:
        • Preferences, Favorites, and History are imported from Movi.
        • Stored passwords are not imported and must be re-entered.


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (Cisco TMS) 12.6 or later
  • Cisco Video Communication Server (Cisco VCS) X5.2 or later
  • X6.0 or later for ICE support
  • X6.1 or later for NTLM support
  • IP network connection (broadband, LAN, wireless). At least 24 kb/s is required for an audio connection. For a video connection, the recommended minimum is 128 kb/s.


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