NetDispatch free download for Mac


13 May 2012

Send messages across a local network or over the web.


NetDispatch is a freeware app, designed to send single, non-replayable, messages to many computers at once. Simply setup NetDispatch on any computer you want to receive messages on, and let it run. It will run completely invisibly, in the background, waiting for you to send a message to it.


  • Instantly send messages to any number of computers.
  • Store the message file on your local network or a global Web server.
  • Store the message file in Dropbox.
  • Check for messages at up to six different URLs.
  • Add a "More Info..." button to your messages, that links to a webpage.
  • Change how often NetDispatch checks for new messages.

What's new in NetDispatch

Version 0.0.3:
  • Minor bugs fixed

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