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03 July 2012

Task manager.


Organize is, quite simply, task management ready for business!

In Organize, there are three easy steps to manage your work life:

  • Capture your ideas and tasks - quick and easy, wherever you are!
  • Review and process your tasks - prioritize, delegate or share your tasks
  • Complete your tasks - and keep track of the results.

Why should I use Organize?
Organize is easy to use for beginners, but its real beauty and power unfolds the more you use it:
  • CAPTURE: Organize includes powerful features to easily add tasks as continuous lists, text memos (note), voice memos (dictation) or picture memos (image series).
  • PROCESS: Easy to use review features to set reminders (Next Review Date), sort, prioritize and share your tasks.
  • DO: Quickly identify the necessary next steps, complete them and keep an overview over project progress (Project Dashboard).
Organize is built around great task and project management ideas that evolved over several decades of organizational theory, like GTD, RACI or AID. Their sole purpose is to cut complex situations down to what really matters. Getting the next step right while not losing the big picture
Don't worry - you don't have to study any of those theories to start using Organize. Actually you only need to know two things to start right away:
  • PROJECT: a specific, achievable goal with a defined start and end time
  • CONTEXT: a situation, location, or person

Every task is part of a project. Add tasks to the Inbox to get them off your mind quickly and assign a project later on.

Contexts are optional. You can assign as many contexts as you like to a task. Usually the context is either a location, where you want to be reminded of a task (i.e. @Office, @Home) or a person you need to talk to about the task (i.e. John, Spouse, Boss).

Just try Organize out now and add your first tasks!

What lies beneath
When you have some spare time visit our web site to learn how Organize can help you to manage more complex projects. Read up on additional features, like AID (Action / Information / Decision) that makes it easier for you to categorize and find stuff or the RACI Matrix (Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed) if you are working together with other people on your projects.

You want more?

Take a look at the Organize:Pro features. They are part of the free edition of Organize for iPhone, but will be available as InApp Purchase to enhance the free features of Organize in the future:

  • Subtasks with Drag and Drop support
  • Enhanced task lists to get a better overview
  • Enhanced Sync with Organize for Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • Customize the Project Dashboard and add your own projects
  • And much more….
For a complete feature list have a look at our web site.

What's new in Organize

Version 1.2.1:
  • Improved handling for repeating tasks. Repeat instances can now be checked off correctly.
  • Review Someday view fixed.
  • Minor issues resolved.

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