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07 March 2019

Edit tags for classical music files.


Qoobar is a simple tagger which is designed for editing tags in files of classical music.

With Qoobar you can:

  • Edit ID3v2.4, APE, ASF, MP4 tags, Vorbis comments.
  • Edit tags in MP3 (*.mp3), Ogg/Vorbis (*.ogg), Ogg/FLAC (*.oga), FLAC (*.flac), Musepack (*.mpc), Speex (*.spx), TrueAudio (*.tta), WavPack (*.wv), Wma/Asf (*.wma), APE (*.ape) and MP4 (*.m4a, *.mp4) files.
  • Batch tag your files
  • edit any tags in group of files, giving the same value or individual values.
  • Easy copy&paste any tags between groups of files.
  • Edit the following tags: Composer, Album, Title, Performer, Artist, Conductor, Orchestra, Subtitle, Key, Comment, Genre, Year, Track Number, Total Tracks, Album artist, Publisher, Mood, Beats per minute (Tempo), Original artist, Original lyricist, Lyricist, Original album, Lyrics, Music category (Grouping), Copyright, Disc number, Total discs, Remixed by, Encoded by, ISRC, URL, Rating.
  • Edit all other tags written in your music files.
  • Add your own tags and save them.
  • Generate tags from filenames and filepaths.
  • Import tags and covers from Discogs, Musicbraiz and freedb.
  • Rename / copy / move files by their tags, creating folders if necessary.
  • Convert tags from local encoding into UTF8.
  • Edit cover art pictures in all supported file types.
  • Undo any tag change.
  • Change the scheme of tags reading and writing.
  • Edit your tags using rich autocomplete capabilities.
Qoobar uses Qt for GUI and Taglib for tags manipulation and runs under GNU/Linux and Windows.

What's new in Qoobar

  • Bug with restoring the tags table fields

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08 March 2019

Most helpful

Love how the screen shot is showing the Led Zeppelin I album. So much for classical music.
08 March 2019
Love how the screen shot is showing the Led Zeppelin I album. So much for classical music.
21 July 2012
Version: 1.5.2
How, if at all, does this app interact with the iTunes GUI?
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