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28 February 2012

Simple HTML editor and FTP uploader.


SiteKite is a simple HTML editor and FTP uploader that can be used to build and maintain a website. It's ideal for those new to website building who want a tool that's easy to learn, yet powerful enough to do the whole job.

SiteKite has all the essential features, including:

  • Built-in editing and preview.
  • An outline view of local files for the site.
  • FTP upload of just the changed files.
  • Find and replace, spell checking, and other standard editing features.
  • Settable editing font.
  • Automatic saving. No need to ever click the Save button.
  • Presets for multiple FTP sites.
  • Creating and renaming of files and folders.
  • Optional preview using the local Web server, so PHP and other server-side languages can be previewed.
  • Markdown support.
SiteKite is somewhat inspired by the outline+editor approach widely used in editors like BBEdit and XCode, combined with built-in FTP and Web preview, like BBEdit, FrontPage, and many other other website builders.

What's new in SiteKite

Version 1.11:
  • Selection is preserved when indenting and outdenting. (Version 1.0 selected entire lines.)
  • HTML syntax coloring.
  • Auto indent implemented, and settable via "Auto Indent" menu item. Preserved across launches.
  • "Check Spelling While Typing" menu item now preserved across launches.
  • Improvements to upload progress dialog.
  • New "Open Site in Finder" on action menu to open FTP site in Finder.
  • New "Open Site in Cyberduck" on action menu if Cyberduck is installed in /Applications.
  • Bug fixed that caused site properties (but not the site itself) to be removed if Site Properties dialog was cancelled.

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