Finder Workspaces
Finder Workspaces


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Finder Workspaces2.2

28 October 2000

Restores icons, windows, and other Finder items to specific places on the screen.


Finder Workspaces records and restores any number of working arrangements in the Finder - which folders are open, size and location of windows and desktop icons.

What's new in Finder Workspaces

Version 2.1 would not override OS 9's desktop icon arrangement setting: if icons were arranged, a Workspace would not move them, a flexible solution since the handling of icons was then optional. User feedback suggests that this update, where a Workspace moves icons in any case, is preferred. Also fixes a bug where if a Workspace was set multiple times, it would not be able to keep track of collapsed windows. Integrates the option to skip or report missing items with setting a Workspace (but still available separately too), and has better error reporting. Source code is commented.

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