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05 April 2019

Create your own ebooks using existing documents.


eBookBinder is the super-easy tool to create your own ebooks using your existing documents. When compiling your book project, eBookBinder creates an epub file. There are just three major steps to your very own eBook:

  1. Enter book details. Name of the book and its author, add an image for the book-cover, webpage of the publisher and other details can be entered. There is no need to fill all fields, at least you should enter a name for your book.
  2. Add text files as chapters to your book project. Every single text file you add to eBookBinder is treated as a single chapter. Give your chapters a name and order them per drag-and-drop to your desired sequence of chapters.
  3. Create your ebook. Just hit the "Bind Book" Button and eBookBinder will compile the ebook for you. That's all!

What can be added to eBookBinder:

  • eBookBinder supports several different types of text files. Next to plain-text files also DOC, ODT, RTF, RTFD, HTML, Textbundle, Textpack and webarchive files are supported by eBookBinder.
  • Support of markup languages eBookBinder also accepts plain-text files written in Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, and Smark as input. These will be converted on the fly when adding these as chapters to your book-process. Visit the preferences of eBookBinder to determine the file extensions which should be treated for conversion. All files with appropriate file extensions will be converted when imported.

Built-in editor - eBookBinder also features a built-in editor which offers some basic editing features like setting text bold, inverse, or underlined, and alignment of text. However, the best feature of the editor is the reduce feature: select the text you want to keep and hit the reduce button. Anything not selected will be removed. This is ideal for editing web articles to remove all the advertising and navigation stuff quickly.

What's new in eBookBinder

Version 1.5.0:
Note: eBookBinder 1.4.0 uses a new internal save-structure; you should avoid further use of an older version of eBookBinder

  • Option to set the MultiMarkdown Terminal tool to use it instead of the integrated Perl script
  • Mobi-Pocket support is back, including extensive support hints and features for easy setup
  • Extensive CSS-style and HTML-header-system implemented
  • Save custom CSS-styles and HTML-headers in eBookBinder
  • Import custom CSS-styles and HTML-headers from CSS-files or HTML-files
  • Export CSS-styles and HTML-headers
  • Quickly select CSS-styles and/or HTML-headers already saved in eBookBinder
  • Preview feature in the "Advanced" area to view chapters with CSS-style and HTML-headers to see if the set CSS-styles and HTML-header work as desired
  • Many internal adjustments to newer macOS versions
  • Minor adjustments to the interface
  • Help completely revised
  • eBookBinder supports natively the Mojave's Dark Mode now
  • Smark parser updated
  • BBCode parser updated
  • Textile parser updated
  • Link to the KindleGen tool updated
  • Preferences toolbar icons adapted to the new look of macOS
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue opening up Textbundle files that are defined with an unknown markup language
  • Fixed spelling errors in the interface

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02 June 2015

Most helpful

A nice idea, but: no graphics, no formulas, no links no pictures. Can be used only for very very simple eBooks Waiting for more complex version Two stars for the idea
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Version 1.2.1
02 June 2015
A nice idea, but: no graphics, no formulas, no links no pictures. Can be used only for very very simple eBooks Waiting for more complex version Two stars for the idea
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Version 1.2.1