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16 February 2017

Extract chapters and sections from PDF documents using the Table of Contents.


PDFExplode lets you explode your large PDF into many PDFs. Extract pages corresponding to any Table of Contents (TOC) entry in your PDF. For example, extract PDF of any or each chapter in a long PDF text or manual.

  • Store these exploded PDFs in database apps like DevonThink for faster and more precise search results
  • Enjoy faster syncing with smaller PDFs stored in Dropbox folders, for reading PDFs on Goodreader on the iPad
  • Make PDF chapters available for annotation via iAnnotate PDF service on Macs and Windows

What's new in PDFExplode

Version 1.2.1 (1.0):

Note: The downloadable demo is at 1.0. The version available for purchase on the Mac App Store is version 1.2.1.

  • Bug fix for popup toolbar buttons not working correctly on macOS Sierra.

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