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Mi-Fi Monitor1.4.1

11 April 2012

Monitor the status of your Novatel Mi-Fi.


Mi-Fi Monitor lets you see what your Novatel Mi-Fi device is doing without getting it out of your bag or opening a Web browser.


  • See the current battery life and charging status
  • Keep track of cellular signal level with traditional bars as well as a live graph of the past 45 seconds
  • Monitor cellular connection status, including the type of connection you are currently using
  • Know whether your device is roaming on another carrier network
  • See your recent data usage at a glance*
* The Mi-Fi does not provide accurate monthly data usage information to 3rd party applications, this display is merely a gauge of how much data you have used in the past few hours. It may reset to zero if the cellular connection resets.


Novatel 2200: YES

Novatel 23xx: YES

Novatel 3352: YES

Novatel 4082: YES

Novatel 4510L: YES

Samsung SCH-LC11: Not yet

Huawei Mi-Fi: No

Verizon Fivespot: No

Any other device not manufactured by Novatel: No

If you want to know for SURE whether Mi-Fi Monitor will work with your device before buying, email support@infincia.com for help running a quick 30 second test you can do yourself.


If your model requires new firmware in order to support remote monitoring, please contact support@infincia.com for help obtaining the firmware and installing it.

NOTE: Mi-Fi Monitor is not endorsed or approved by, or affiliated with Novatel Wireless in any way. Please do not contact them for support!

What's new in Mi-Fi Monitor

Version 1.4.1:
  • Fix some cosmetic alignment bugs
  • Update 3rd party libraries

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