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26 September 2019

Pro photography presentation and sales package.


ProSelect is now the industry's leading presentation and sales software helping thousands of professional photographers double and triple (and more!) their sales results.

ProSelect includes all of the functions that you need to run a successful in-person sales session. It includes a browser, slideshow, ordering system, proofing tool, montage (composite layout) designer, book builder, production system and much, much more. Ideally, use ProSelect with a projector or large screen TV to best effect because you can projector your products at actual size. ProSelect support dual screens where you can keep the operator controls on one screen and just show the images on the other.

ProSelect's Working with Rooms module allows you to show single images, matted products, canvases (or any mix of these together, with or without frames) correctly scaled on an image of a wall. You can use one of ProSelect built in pre-calibrated room images, purchase an additional pack of rooms or use images of your client's own wall for maximum impact. Working with Rooms allows you to quickly design bespoke wall galleries for your clients.

The published price is that of a perpetual license for ProSelect Basic. Full pricing info can be found here.

Note: Registration is required before downloading this product.

What's new in ProSelect

Version 2019r2.3:
  • In Working with Slideshows, Preview Slideshow Slides View, starting a slideshow will play from the current slide onwards.
  • To prevent lags on slower computers when playing a slideshow, by default, complex frames containing layouts, rooms and book pages are now pre-assembled and buffered before the slideshow starts playing. This setting can be turned off on the Preferences -> Slideshow -> Slideshow Settings -> Performance -> Pre-Buffer Layouts and Rooms.
  • The last used Category and Group for Working with Books is now saved in the Preferences and will be restored between sessions.
  • You can now use the Alt/Option+delete keyboard shortcut to quickly remove any applied frames and surrounding mats to selected layouts and prints. When Working with Images, this only works in Select Size view.
  • You can use the Image List filter to Show only Pretouched Images or Images Not Pretouched
  • In the High-Res Production Preferences, you now have the option to have all your digital files created as high-quality jpg images regardless of your general Print output settings.
  • When starting production, the Output Completed icon is now cleared for the items being produced so if production does not complete on all items, you can easily see which items were not completed.
  • If any missing resource images or original images are found when starting High-Res Production, then the details of the missing items are now shown in a new dialog window.

Full changelog available here.

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