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14 January 2021

Pro photography presentation and sales package.


ProSelect is now the industry's leading presentation and sales software helping thousands of professional photographers double and triple (and more!) their sales results.

ProSelect includes all of the functions that you need to run a successful in-person sales session. It includes a browser, slideshow, ordering system, proofing tool, montage (composite layout) designer, book builder, production system and much, much more. Ideally, use ProSelect with a projector or large screen TV to best effect because you can projector your products at actual size. ProSelect support dual screens where you can keep the operator controls on one screen and just show the images on the other.

ProSelect's Working with Rooms module allows you to show single images, matted products, canvases (or any mix of these together, with or without frames) correctly scaled on an image of a wall. You can use one of ProSelect built in pre-calibrated room images, purchase an additional pack of rooms or use images of your client's own wall for maximum impact. Working with Rooms allows you to quickly design bespoke wall galleries for your clients.

The published price is that of a perpetual license for ProSelect Basic. Full pricing info can be found here.

Note: Registration is required before downloading this product.

What's new in ProSelect

Version 2020r1.4:
  • [FIX] - Updated Photoshop IDs to include the new Photoshop 2021 (version 22.x).
  • [FIX] - Wall Grouping Layouts no longer sometimes display with a light grey or black 1-pixel border on some edges in Working with Layouts and Working with Rooms. This was more noticeable on white backgrounds on non-retina/hi-dpi screens.
  • [FIX] - Composite Layouts now correctly display with a mat overlap when a non-virtual Surrounding Mat is added. Note: This may be different from what is produced through High-Res Production if you later decide to order the mat as a Virtual Mat rather than a Traditional Matted Mat.
  • [FIX] - The Mat Overlap amount is now correctly printed on Ordered Mats Report when outside mats are ordered on Composite Layouts.
  • [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, the arrow buttons on either side of the Matt and Frame icons on the left-hand side of the Info bar are now visible and operational when you select a print in the room.
  • [FIX] - If images are selected in Working with Images and you change to Working with Layouts, the images now remain selected in the Image List.
  • [FIX][WIN] - Operating System popups menus now no longer appear on the wrong screen when you have two screens set up with different scaling factors and the main window is on the second screen.
  • [FIX] - In Working with Books, if a layout is updated with a different template that has fewer openings than the original layout and the Image List filter is set to "Hide Used Images", the images which were not copied to the updated layout are now be shown in the filtered Image List.
  • [FIX] - The error message when is shown when ProSelect is unable to open an album file when the file contains an invalid album version number now refers you to the KnowledgeBase article on Repairing ProSelect Album files.
  • [FIX] - When closing an album without saving, you are no longer warned to save the album after using Original Images -> Copy xxx to... commands (under the Album menu). This message is shown if you have moved the images instead of copying them.
  • [MAC] - When running on OSX 10.14 or newer, if there is an error trying to connect to Photoshop then a dialog will now display with instructions to allow Automation and includes a shortcut button to open the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy window to allow you to do this.
  • [MAC] - When running on OSX 10.15 or newer, a new Help menu option has been added which opens a dialog window with instructions on how to allow Full Disk Access. A shortcut button in the dialog will open the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy window to make this easier to access.

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