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11 March 2015

Create quality virtual tours in minutes.


Panotour enables you to create quality virtual tours in minutes.

Zero programming - Panotour revolutionizes the creation of interactive virtual tours by freeing you from programming tasks. Everything is done in a few clicks using the software's intuitive interface.

Multiple formats accepted - You can add and create interactions between images of any size (up to 360° x 180°) and almost all graphic formats (JPG, PNG, PSD/PSB, KRO, TIFF, and RAW files from most cameras).

Customizable layout

- The Panotour interface is customizable. You can enable or disable certain components, move them or even turn them into independent windows.

What's new in Panotour

Version 2.3 (232):

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 2.3, the developer states that this is version 2.3.2.

Bug Fixes:
  • Major data loss issue - In previous versions, cancelling the build of a tour could lead to the deletion of the panoramas in the project and to all data associated to the deleted panoramas.
  • OS X - Fullscreen crash on OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been fixed.
  • Autorotation - This version of Panotour embeds the 1.18.3 version of krpano player that fixes the bad final fov during autorotation.
Additional Fixes:
  • [Crash] MacOS Yosemite : Crash when hotspot editor or 3Dpreview is fullscreened
  • [UI] Add polygonal hotspots options for hover state
  • [UI] Maps UI interface : the spot can dissapear on panorama geolocalisation
  • [UI] Maps UI interface : Google maps doesn't have navigation and map type (plan/satellite) selectors into UI
  • [UI] Maps UI interface : center and zoom saved values are not correctly set into interface
  • [UI] Delete a spot style select an other style but doesn't refresh the main view
  • [UI] '&' char into filename result of error due to querystring conversion
  • [Algorithm] All panoramas and links lost after Cancelling a build
  • [Algorithm] Main area slows down when the project contains many big polygonal spots
  • [Algorithm] Livepanos orientation is changed when reloading the project
  • [Tour] Polygon spots : "onhover" state doesn't display the polygon on tablet and mobile devices
  • [Tour] Bad display of animated spots on load on big tours
  • [Tour] Remove the generator tag when branding free license is used
  • [Tour] Bad scale of image when display image action is called with a zoom effect
  • [Tour] Add autotour without rotation option when "load next panorama after n seconds" option is checked
  • [Tour] [Krpano issue] Plugins : add accuracy to minimize the missing pixel line with 100% width/height values on centered positions
  • [Tour] [Krpano issue] Autorotation does not zoom on the default fov
  • [Tour] Problem with partial panoramas ressources under Flash viewer when mono-resolution is used
  • [Plugin] Autorotation issue when a opened at start plugin pause autorotation
  • [Plugin] Ability to call all html5 plugins on the ontourstart event
  • [Plugin] Description : add "close on new pano", "close when other display object is displayed" and "pause autorotation" advanced options
  • [Plugin] Description : issue with both tour controls and info events activated
  • [Plugin] Floorplan : issue with click zone when using the tooltip label setting
  • [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : bad length with fixed sizes of the panoDIV
  • [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add the scene spots only option for animated map spots
  • [Plugin] PanotourMaps : remove radar on flat panoramas
  • [Plugin] PanotourMaps : Add zIndex information for markers (use the spots creation order)
  • [Plugin] PanotourMaps : some scripts updates
  • [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add label under marker support for Google Maps API
  • [Plugin] Events plugin : action parameters are correctly saved but badly restored
  • [Plugin development] add an "ossafe" filter to filter a string the same way PTP does for plugin resources

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