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18 November 2019

Modern fork of older iTerm project.


iTerm is a fork of the older iTerm project. iTerm is a Terminal replacement and the successor of iTerm. It focuses on speed, internationalization, and building new features to improve your life.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

What's new in iTerm

Version 3.3.7:
New Features
  • Adds a preference to specify whether you want each tab to control the window title separately, or if all tabs in a window should share a single window title. This affects window title set by control sequences like OSC 2.
  • Separate 'use custom bold color' from 'brighten bold colors', which previously were confusingly grouped into a single setting.
  • Password manager now has a column for user names.
  • Add support for 2-factor codes appended to password in password manager.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • When the window title is changed by a control sequence, set the window title to exactly that string.
  • Remember whether "tags" view of profile list is expanded in toolbelt.
  • Move selection-related settings into General > Selection.
  • Add advanced pref to disable tabbar tooltips.
  • Set pixel size in TTY.
  • Don't show a warning when modifying a session's copy of its profile when that profile is backed by a dynamic profile.
  • When prefs from a remote location fail to load, offer to reveal the responsible preference.
  • The toolbelt now uses a dark background in the Minimal theme when the terminal window's background is dark.
  • Add Unicode 12 width tables for emoji.
  • Add "Edit Account Name" and "Edit User Name" to password manager context menu.
  • Variable-size tmux windows are now pretty usable. Try turning on Prefs>Advanced>Allow variable window sizes in tmux integration.
  • Put a dot in the close button when there is an active job running.
  • You can now drag the window using the New Tab + button.
  • When selecting a tag from the "tags" view, use the tag: operator to restrict the search term to tags.
  • Add advanced pref to enable italic in tmux integration. It uses the "screen" terminal where the control sequence normally used for italics instead does reverse video.
Bug Fixes
  • Disable quicklook if it's disabled systemwide.
  • Fix drawing of "tags" view of profile list.
  • Fix bug where users with spaces in their names couldn't log in.
  • Fix a bug where windows with a left-side tab bar had the wrong number of columns when first created.
  • Fix a bug where activating a session via API in an inactive tab would activate the wrong session in that tab.
  • Fix a bug where setting the icon title when showing Profile + Session name caused the profile name to go away.
  • Fix padding of "broken pipe" message.
  • Fix bugs in updating session list in tmux dashboard.
  • Fix a bug where window buttons were hidden when entering native full screen.
  • Disable selection scroll if it begins in the mutable area while reporting mouse clicks.
  • Fix a bug where option-clicking the zoom button after exiting full screen doesn't zoom.
  • Fix a bug where selection by dragging three fingers selects too much text.
  • Fix imgcat in Catalina.
  • Fix dragging folders to iTerm2 icon.
  • Remove a brittle performance hack for scroll views that may have been causing crashes.
  • Fix a bug when changing tabs while selecting text causing future selections to be wrong.
  • Fix a few crashes.
  • Fix manpage viewer in touch bar.
  • If you use the CurrentDir control sequence without the rest of shell tegration, it will now work reliably.
  • Fix escaping of smart selection "run command in window" commands.
  • Fix some integer overflow bugs.
  • In secure copy, keyboard-interactive and private key passpharse input deadlocked. Fix it.
  • Preserve the selected weight when changing typeface, when possible.
  • Respect the desired popover size for custom status bar components. This fix may cause some popovers to have different-sized popovers than expected, and may require updating the script to correct.
  • Fix a bug where Find Next would not navigate to the very first word in history.
  • Fix a runaway CPU issue when initializing GPU renderer.
  • Touch bar in full screen now shows correct tab titles. Fixes a bug where they would get out of sync with reality.
  • Fixes a bug where adding a new password in the password manager could hang.
  • Python 3.8.0 is now available. It requires 3.3.7beta3 or later, so keep that in mind when distributing scripts.
  • Add support for delta updates of the Python runtime.
  • Add Session.async_get_contents to docs.
  • Add Profile.async_get_default and PartialProfile.async_get_default.

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28 March 2019

Most helpful

The program is free, but the author has a donate button on his website. Just having multiple panes per tab was enough to have me install the app and donate $20 to him for it. The app has many other features as well and is an awesome terminal emulator.
Like (2)
Version 3.2.8
14 October 2019
The v3.3.6 update is CRITICAL due to an ancient security flaw just discovered, CVE-2019-9535. More here: '7-Year-Old Critical RCE Flaw Found in Popular iTerm2 macOS Terminal App'
Version 3.3.6
28 March 2019
The program is free, but the author has a donate button on his website. Just having multiple panes per tab was enough to have me install the app and donate $20 to him for it. The app has many other features as well and is an awesome terminal emulator.
Like (2)
Version 3.2.8
29 October 2018
The most amazing terminal emulator I've ever found. I sure wish I could have it on Windows, too.
Version 3.2.4
1 answer(s)
28 March 2019
So run macOS in a VM on Windows? ;-)
26 October 2018
I suppose I /could/ live without it. But I wouldn't want to.
Version 3.2.4
26 September 2018
Must have upgrade to macOS Terminal.
Version 3.2.1
25 September 2018
Upgraded to Mojave this morning and then upgraded iTerm2 to 3.2.1. When I launch it, I see a message, "Unable to find any JVMs matching version "(null)". No Java runtime present, try --request to install." I'm not sure why this is the case, as I don't believe iTerm2 is Java-based. It hasn't affected anything so far, but it's curious....
Version 3.2.1
21 July 2018
Version 3.1.7
12 March 2018
Excellent tool. Great replacement for the standard macOS terminal. Highly recommended!
Version 3.1.5
14 May 2017
Excellent terminal emulator.
Version 3.0.14
24 December 2016
Very satisfied. A must have with lots of features and frequent updates. Many thanks to the developer. The only thing I'm missing is the drag and drop of text selextions within the terminal windows like in Apple's Terminal.
Like (1)
Version 3.0.13