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Movi Pro1.0.16

29 June 2016

Control your vehicle's OBD 2 computer (read/reset check engine codes and more).


Movi Pro is a software product designed for Mac OS X that, in combination with OBD II interfaces that use the ELM327 chip, provides communication with a vehicle's engine diagnostic system. Movi is solely intended to interpret the information which is stored in or relayed to the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) system.

Use Movi as many times as you want, with any car that supports OBD II!

Movi software has the ability to turn off the "check engine" light only. ABS, Air Bag, and other dashboard lights are currently not read nor affected by Movi.

Is your automobile OBD II certified? Look for the emissions label under your hood.


  • NEW! Movi Pro provides the ability to display up to four simultaneous graphs of engine data.
  • NEW! Record and save selected live engine data in real time in Movi Pro.
  • NEW! An industry first, Voices (patent pending) allows you to hear an audible description and value of the PID(s) in a voice of your choice.
Fuel Economy:
  • NEW! View your vehicle's instantaneous fuel economy* (MPG)
Trouble Codes:
  • "Check engine" light on? View and clear the diagnostic trouble code(s) and description(s).
Live Data:
  • View your vehicle's supported live data PID(s), such as coolant temperature, RPM, speed, etc.
Diagnostic Recording:
  • Save trouble codes, freeze frame data, onboard tests, and a live data snapshot to a single file.
Onboard Tests:
  • Display the diagnostic data your vehicle's engine control unit performs upon every start.
Freeze Frame:
  • Display the current state your vehicle was in when the fault occurred (when your "check engine" light was triggered).
Raw Data:
  • Save the raw data from your Engine Control Unit.
WiFi Connectivity:
  • NEW! Now you can connect wirelessly using WiFi interfaces.
USB & Bluetooth:
  • Connect using USB or Bluetooth interfaces.

What's new in Movi Pro

Version 1.0.16:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.6.6 or later.

  • Bug fixes for added stability
  • Performance upgrades

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