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25 February 2019

Import notes from PDF into an InDesign file.


Annotations plug-in allows you to import notes and comments from PDF into a source InDesign file. For successful import of text edits and space dependent notes, both documents need to be identical. The plug-in can match different pagination of the PDF and InDesign documents, so you can export just a one page PDF for proof or import notes from a whole book PDF to a single chapter file. Annotations can also process PDFs exported as spreads.

DTP Tools recommends working from the InDesign document end to its top. Doing so will minimize misalignment of comments and notes as edits are accepted.

What's new in Annotations

Version 1.1.11:
Accepted changes highlight
  • When you accepted a text change in 1.0 the text changed and the change was removed from the annotations list. In 1.1 you can turn on the option which creates a commented highlight for the edited part of text with original text in the comment.
Rejected changes highlight (new in 1.1)
  • Similar to the highlight of accepted change, a rejected change can be highlighted too, with the proposed change copied to the highlight comment.
Un-imported notes (new in 1.1)
  • When a note or text edit can't be imported (content moved or Acrobat Reader didn't place it legibly) we turn it into a special red sticky note and place it near to where we think it was supposed to be. Than means you do not have to open and search the PDF even when you get a warning that some notes were not imported.
Occasional crashes when deleting notes addressed by update 1.1.2
  • With update 1.1.2 published on August 7 2012 we've addressed reported cases of crashing when notes were deleted and we've further improved the import to correctly process PDF exported as spreads. We are going to improve the rotated spreads import with the next update (meanwhile the workaround is to rotate spreads back when importing).
Faster performance
  • With the 1.0.1 we've fine tuned the processes and made the plug-in perform considerably faster in longer documents. Further improvements were implemented by 1.1.

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