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10 June 2019

Wikipedia article reader.


Wikibot makes reading Wikipedia articles a joy on your Mac. Whether you want to learn more about the places around you, entertain yourself with random articles, or research your favorite TV show, Wikibot has you covered! With a beautifully crafted interface, customizable display options, and killer features like tabbed browsing, language switching, a read-later queue and offline caching

  • Sync with your ios devices - using the new icloud syncing features, you can access your read later queue, folders, bookmarks, and history across all of your devices! Ios app sold separately on the itunes app store
  • Personalization - the display is customizable to give you the best reading experience. You can easily change the font size, the font type, the margins, and the color scheme
  • Multi-language support - easily search wikipedia in 36 different languages. Effortlessly jump from the english version of an article to the german version, or any other combination!
  • Bookmarks and folders - save your favorite articles as bookmarks. Come back to them whenever you want, immediately!
  • Read-it-later queue - sometimes you're reading an article and find great links that you want to read, but you don't to interrupt your current article. What do you do? Simply right click on the link to add it to your read-it-later queue. The article will be downloaded in the background for immediate access when you're ready
  • In-article search - use the normal keyboard shortcut (command + f) to search inside of articles!
  • Offline caching - articles and images are cached for offline use until you delete them. Enjoy wikipedia while you're on the plane, on a train, or in a submarine!
  • Fully offline version - if you need offline access to the complete wikipedia corpus on your ios device or mac, please search for "wiki offline" on the app store, also by avocado hills. It is temporarily on sale to celebrate the wikibot launch!

What's new in Wikibot

Version 1.74:
  • Scrolling on OSX Mavericks
  • New Wikipedia article format
  • Table of contents

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4 Reviews of Wikibot

16 October 2011
Version: 1.5

Most helpful

Can not test it, so I will not buy it.
14 December 2012
Version: 1.61
In 10.8.2 all you get is a spinning BeachBall. There as been trouble with this app from Day ONE! It consistently has problems. Very unreliable and should be avoided!
13 December 2012
Version: 1.60
The latest version updated from Mac App Store is version 1.61 today (December 13, 2012) The update won't work.It just crash in MOuntain Lion 10.8.2. So disappoint about the quality and testing
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16 October 2011
Version: 1.5
Can not test it, so I will not buy it.
20 June 2011
Version: 1.0
I might be wrong, however, it seems like Safari (or any other browser) does almost the same with on-line Wiki. Search, bookmarks, languages switch etc. Too few unique options to persuade me to purchase. Plus it's AppStore-only, even at $.99 I don't like to purchase blindly.
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