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15 March 2017

Clean up and organize the Dock.


The idea of TabLauncher is not to replace the system's dock, but to help keep it clean, with only the applications that are currently running. By removing all the application from the dock and organizing them on tabs, you can quickly find and run any application you want.

Apart from that, you can create as many tabs as you like, and personalize them by setting the background color, title color, and font. Just drag your favorite applications to your tabs and it's done! You can also rearrange the tabs by dragging them. And even rearrange the whole TabLauncher. Just drag it where ever you like along the sides or the bottom of the screen.

Now it takes less than 2 seconds to find and launch any app. (It's true, according to our statistics)

What's new in Tab Launcher

Version 2.9.5:
  • Bug fixes

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15 June 2011

Most helpful

This is a great launcher utility. Has much of the functionality of Drag Thing only it’s free. Very easy to use and extremely versatile. Give it a try, you’ll like it. One suggestion: Ability to change the size of the dock.
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Version 1.0
03 November 2019
Abe gochu download link to Dede Teri website we acha Merl gand achi ha
Version 2.9.5
05 March 2018
Nice concept, works well but needs a bit more work to make it A1. Id be happy with the developer charging $10 and really streamlining the app.
Version 2.9.5
15 March 2017
Does this support multiple monitors?
Version 2.9.5
16 November 2016
I bought this a number of years ago but initially decided it really wasn't for me. More recently, I've been trying to find a decent application launcher and decided to give this another look. I'm glad I did. It has several features that are not found or that are hard to find in programs like this: More my needs, the biggest sell is that it allows scrolling. My tab launcher is a single tab on the left side of the screen. Given the size I set for the icons and the number of icons in the tab, they can't all be seen at once. But TL lets me scroll up and down the tab to find what I want. I have never seen this feature in any other kind of dock replacement program. It's very handy. There are some features I'd like to see, such as allowing the windows tab to exclude applications. But I wrote to the developer about that, and he said he'd look into it. It's nice, at least, to know that the developer is responsive.
Version 2.9.4
28 November 2015
I tried Tab Launcher for a few months, and wound up going back to Overflow. Too much setup time and clutter on my desktop. Moving tabs around to reveal the Dock was frustrating, and tabs were too sensitive and would open without my intention. And yes, I know there's settings to change how tabs open, it just became too cumbersome and ate up more time than it saved.
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Version 2.8.4
14 December 2014
This doesn't appear to be free, so the listing for it on the MU front page, where the newest app versions are listed should be changed. That or the description her should be changed.
Version 2.8.1
04 December 2014
This latest update has obliterated my config file. I proceeded to reunify my applications with their icons which took over an hour, and then quit Tab Launcher. Restarted Tab Launcher and my new config had not been saved. This app has essentially been rendered useless.
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Version 2.8
1 answer(s)
05 December 2014
Worked fine for me but if I had the experience you described I'd have just restored the config from Time Machine and clicked "load config" in the preferences.
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05 September 2014
I wrote a five star review for this back in April 2013 and thought I'd just say I still use it every day and it is by far the most important non-apple part of my system. For $4 this is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Mio!
Version 2.6
25 May 2014
Works well, no issues so far. Could you please add slider to select DELAY before the launcher opens (unhides)? You have option to add delay to close the launcher but not to show. If I move over the tab it shows instantly. I'd rather add a delay so it doesn't show if I move mouse too close to launcher in error. Thanks
Version 2.5
05 December 2013
I purchased TabLauncher and it has always worked well. The last update prevented me from installing the app on Snow Leopard. I contacted the devs and they provided me a download link of the older version. The devs said that the link will be put on thier website (and hopefully also on Macupdate!!!).
Version 2.4.1