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21 August 2009

Graphics editing program and much more.


GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image editing program that can import 199 different graphic-based formats, edit the image, and export it out of 80 file available file formats.

The high-end editing tools are perfect for graphic manipulation as well as the ability to use Photoshop-compatible plug-ins. It offers batch-conversion capabilities, a slide show window, and so much more.

What's new in GraphicConverter

Version 6.5:

New features:

  • preview creation in the browser much improved - the browser supports now up to 8 processors for parallel preview creation (UB)
  • multiscale batch added (UB)
  • import of FaxEpress variant added
  • spotlight comment to iptc caption command added (UB)
  • conversion of premultiplied alpha to non-premultiplied alpha added (UB)
  • conversion of non-premultiplied alpha to premultiplied alpha added (UB)
  • PAM import added (UB)
  • PFM import added (UB)
  • function to convert corrupted fz20 raw files (with convert&modify) (UB)
  • rebuild metadata function added to the browser context menu (UB)
  • unskew batch added (UB)
Updated features:
  • folder import speed in slideshow dramatically improved (for more than 10000 files) (UB)
  • offset and step value added to sort folder (UB)
  • caps lock can be used in the browser for multiple selections (UB)
  • precision of GPS tagging from Google Earth improved (UB)
  • option to add a stored iptc record during download from digital camera added (UB)
  • option to store sRGB chunk to PNGs added (UB)
  • support for import of TIFFs with 32 bit per channel added (UB)
  • option to set only basic GPS data from GoogleEarth added (UB)
  • preference for old cursor behaviour in slideshow added (UB)
  • visual feedback to mouse added if you are near a catchpoint (UB)
  • added shortcut for "Move item" in browser contextual menu (UB)
  • canvas changes adds for images with alpha channel a transparent margin (UB)
  • scale to pixel count supports now a value larger than 2000000 pixel
  • support for import of PGM/PBM with 16 and 32 bit per channel added (UB)
  • support for DPX files with little endian byte order added (UB)
  • support for geotagging from CSV and NMEA files added (UB)
  • unskew points can be moved with the cursor keys (UB)
  • random slideshow can go forward/backward in normal order with the page up/down and cursor up/down keys (UB)
  • download all from digital camera does no longer display a preview dialog (UB)
  • copy exif to the clipboard uses now tabs to separate description and content (UB)
  • drag&drop can store a TIF version in addition to a PICT version for compatibility with some very new apps (UB)
Bug fixes:
  • bug in import of vpb on Intel Macs fixed (UB)
  • multiple bugs in JFIF export fixed (UB)
  • bug in IPTC display in short form fixed (UB)
  • appearing "x" bug during "Merge files..." fixed (UB)
  • bug in writing wrong tag for TIFs with alpha fixed (UB)
  • bug with gif animation creation in batch fixed (if the frame sizes are different) (UB)
  • bug in unicode comment editing fixed (UB)
  • bug in set get file iptc from applescript for keyword lists with more than 255 chars fixed (UB)
  • bug in message window fixed (UB)
  • problem with batches if foreground and background are not black&white fixed (UB)
  • bug in wmf import with a special bitmap variant fixed (UB)
  • crash in JP2 import with corrupted color profiles fixed (UB)
  • bug in import of img files with line repeat fixed (UB)
  • bug in update of stamp cursor size fixed (UB)
  • unicode bug in convert&modify fixed (UB)
  • bug in undo of selection fixed (UB)
  • size bug of the jpeg options fixed (UB)
  • bug in insert date into image from the context menu fixed (UB)
  • update bug after mirror fixed (UB)
  • bug in applescript zoomed property fixed (UB)
  • bug in jp2 preview for max filesize option fixed (UB)
  • bug in alpha handling during changing margins fixed (UB)
  • bug in preferences shortcut during slideshow fixed (UB)
  • import bug with CMYK ZIP compressed tiffs with more than 4 channels

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7 Reviews of GraphicConverter

07 February 2002
Version: 4.2

Most helpful

I don't know how I lived with out it, it maybe the poorman's photoshop. I use GC more than photoshop.
09 July 2008
Version: 6.1.2
Thanks Mr. Lemke, I use it on my old Powerbook G3 while I'm on the road. If you work on X the whole day, OS 9 is very nice to use from time to time. Thank you for supporting GraphicConverter Classic in these X-days.
09 February 2006
Version: 5.8
wow!!!! I cannot believe this is still being made for classic! An excellent Mac-app
17 February 2005
Version: 5.5
excellent and still works in OS 9. a tru Mac app.
04 November 2004
Version: 5.3
My one complaint about GraphicConverter is file size. I always have to convert the JPEG's and GIF's with another application to shed off the file bloat GC seems to always throw into the files. Otherwise, it's a great application, the perfect companion to Photoshop.
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04 November 2004
Version: 5.3
note: text insertion into a jpeg graphic file seems to be broken in my copy of 5.3... I've gone back to 523 for the time being. Richard Bright Herzogenburg, Austria
15 August 2004
Version: 4.2
This app, which I've used for almost 10 years now, should really be called Graphic Master, it is so useful and full-featured. Unless you need to create vector graphics a la Adobe Illustrator or work with multiple layers simultaneously a la Photoshop, there is virtually nothing this app won't do. I use it every day, as both my main (actually, sole) image viewer, browser and converter, and as my graphics editor for any and all purposes except those I MUST reluctantly turn to a bloated monster like Illustrator or P'shop for. GKON's a thumbnailer, a pixel editor, a photo retoucher, a graphics library manager, a formatter, a slideshower, a crop-n-scaler, a paint program, you freakin' name it. My absolute FAVORITE thing about GKON, though, is that it somehow produces the smallest JPEGs at any given image quality/compression level out of every app I've ever tried over the last 15 years. I don't know what Lemke's doing to optimize this so much, but it sure works! My only ideas for future improvement at this point would be: 1) Someone desperately needs to reverse-engineer AOL's darned .ART format and make a GKON plug-in for it. 2) GKON would be even more THE bad-@ss graphics app of the Mac world if it supported Photoshop-format plugins. I get frustrated that I have to fire up gargantuan old P'shop or another compatible app to use the 100s of plugins I have, and I'd kill to be able to use them in the only graphics app I actually enjoy using. 3) Images look a little distorted (i.e. slight jaggies on curves) when you have GKON display them at the max size that will fit on screen and that size happens to be between about 85 and 95% real image size. I'd like to see the display routines adjust a little better in this circumstance. 4) Support for creating ASCII art from any selected image. Just kidding!
07 February 2002
Version: 4.2
I don't know how I lived with out it, it maybe the poorman's photoshop. I use GC more than photoshop.